Picture of Snow Saw, part 2: Midlife crisis on a budget
This is my first carving with the snow saw, it can be found here on instructables.  It took about an hour to cart away the excess snow that I had to dig away with the shovel, then out came the saw.  An hour later and the basic shape was complete.  Then on new years day I added the wheels and some details, and gave it a flame job.  Mid-life crisis averted!  Make sure to vote for me if you like it, and please rate me.  It just takes a second and lets me know how I'm doing on instructables.  Thanks alot and go out and carve something cool!

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Step 1: Tools and supplies

Picture of Tools and supplies
  • Snow saw- here's a link - http://www.instructables.com/id/Snow-Saw/
  • Shovel

  • Crap load of snow
  • Optional: spray paint or food coloring in spray bottles

Step 2: Envision envision, shovel shovel, saw saw, carve carve

Picture of envision envision, shovel shovel, saw saw, carve carve
  1. Start off with a plan of how big you want your sculpture to be.  Take advantage of existing mounds of snow like I did.
  2. If you don't have mounds, do like they do for igloo building, shovel snow into a big pile, rather forcefully, and the wait a couple hours.  The resulting shoveling action will have driven out excess air and compacted the snow.  
  3. Compact snow is best, mine was layered with ice, powder snow and compact snow.  Basically the worst thing to carve, but the snow saw went through it like butter!
  4. Trace out in the snow the rough pattern.
  5. Shovel away the excess
  6. Then bring out the saw and start carving

Step 3: Paint and sell before it melts!

Picture of Paint and sell before it melts!
  1. Give it a quick catchy paint job
  2. Wait till dark
  3. Plant in a quick sale sign
  4. Wait for the desperate teenagers to arrive - aka the mark
  5. Make it a quick sale, they'll be happy, well, until they try to drive it away.  Car sales are buyer beware for a reason!  Awesome
zack2474 years ago
no way! i just saw this on the weather network!
iminthebathroom (author)  zack2474 years ago
yep, posted it last night for kicks
ivanadrian4 years ago
dang thats alot of snow~
over here where i live it only snowed like 5 inches and like the whole comunity shutdown XD

great snow car, to bad it has to disapear :(
nixnope4 years ago
Nice car, love the paint job! :D
iminthebathroom (author)  nixnope4 years ago
Thanks, its all melty now :(
Gar! I can't even navigate this website!
mary candy4 years ago
Creativeman4 years ago
Love your take on creativity! Outstanding sir.
iminthebathroom (author)  Creativeman4 years ago
Why thank you!
dad454 years ago
great pics - I need to spread the word on this one.
iminthebathroom (author)  dad454 years ago
please and thankyou
gdhenson4 years ago
Rule #41 - Never take money from a guy in a Morrison Hotel hoodie.
iminthebathroom (author)  gdhenson4 years ago
Nice, you noticed that
rimar20004 years ago
I am interested, I will pay 1000 dollars. Can you send it to Argentina? Consider that here is midsummer, with temperatures above 35ºC (95º Fahrenheit)
iminthebathroom (author)  rimar20004 years ago
yes, but you will have to provide the refrigeration truck!
I will think it, but seems that will cost more the leash than the dog...
zack2474 years ago
great job on carving that!
it looks like it turned out really great, no cheap lawn decoration can beat that!
iminthebathroom (author)  zack2474 years ago
its like a flock of winter flamingos!
TSC4 years ago
Biggsy4 years ago
This is totally awesome! hahaha welldone!