Picture of Snow Shovel Shoes
I had to come up with an invention for a program I was going to. So because of all the snow and all the shoveling, I decided to make shoes that will shovel as you walk. All you will need to make your very own snow shovel shoes are an old pair of shoes, 6 inches of pvc pipe that is 3 inches in diameter, hot glue or any other strong glue, a bit of sandpaper, a dremel or rotary tool, a drill, and a hack saw. Let's get started!
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Step 1: Measuring and Cutting the PVC Pipe

Measure 6 inches end to end of PVC pipe and cut with a hack saw. Next, draw a straight line down the pipe. I actually drew my line across the lettering on my pipe so I know that it is straight. If you have a band saw then you could cut your pipe in half with that. But if you a bandsaw isn't available, then just cut down as far as you could go and cut down to the middle from the other side. In my case, I could only cut 3 inches down the pipe, so I made my pipe six inches so that I could cut down 3 inches on the other side so I could meet in the middle. If your hack saw could cut down 4 inches, then make your pipe 8 inches. Its really up to you to decide how long your pipe will be. Now, sand the pipe. I only sanded because the PVC pipe I had was a little rough. I used 80 grit and then finished with 150 grit.

Step 2: Fitting the PVC Pipe

Picture of Fitting the PVC Pipe
To fit the PVC piping around the toe of your shoe, trace an oval-like shape onto the centers of the halves of the PVC pipe. Use a drill bit to drill this oval shape out. I drilled twice in each oval and I cleaned out the middle part with dremel. Repeat this step with your other PVC pipe half.
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claramecium8 months ago

Dude, nice design,but my brother, LegoFreak86, came up with this about a year before you did. Sorry, but his actually worked quite a bit better than yours. =(

FirstSpear9 months ago

I've not deleted the email that contains this. I view it every now and then cos it makes me smile. Reminds me of why I enjoy Instructables so much, and why I signed up for the newsletter. Wonderful.

HPandLOTR (author) 9 months ago

Thank you soooooo much to all of you that voted for me in the "snow contest"! I just found out today that I got first place (not the grand prize) so I won a robot shirt and Interlachen wool mittens! Thanks, HPandLOTR

chokapi10 months ago

Cute. But shouldn't they be called, 'Shnoe Shovels?'

Here in NYC, the only way they'd work is if Shaq were wearing them. You could probably strap a couple of full-sized snow plows to his kicks.

tqwerty10 months ago

Some eight year old on Ellen came up with this like 4 years ago, but I think your design is better.

Nice job though.

Here's a link.

Uffe10 months ago

I wish i had those today when i was walking 20 minutes in 30 centimeters of snow. Or better yet someone else walking in front of me wearing them. You got my vote

HPandLOTR (author)  Uffe10 months ago

thanks a ton :)

64Anthonyp10 months ago
Love it! Sitting here outside on a warm night in Australia. I know I'll never need these, but I want a pair, anyway! Well done!
HPandLOTR (author)  64Anthonyp10 months ago

Thanks a lot :) Please vote :)

artducko10 months ago

i love this! good choice, chuck taylor high tops. this reminds me of some high heel swim fins i saw:

superstar7510 months ago
very creative, outta the box thinking =) kuddos!
SweetSecrets10 months ago

All the party poopers in the comments are sad because they don't have any PEANUT BUTTER with that JELLY!

mario5910 months ago

I'm not a snow expert, but I think this mod could NEVER work, for the following reasons:

  1. snow once compacted is MASSIVE and sticky, the poor amount of glue you use, simply cannot withstand the huge amount of force exerted by snow and if there's a little imbalance from the left and right part of the same shoe, it will simply pop off.
  2. snickers are not the best shoes can be used in snow, since they're a bit floppy once get wet, soon it will wrench and bend aside, so it will become useless soon.
  3. The curved part of the tubing that touches ground is too high to be confortable and also adds to undermine the tubing and degrades shoe confort.
  4. rubber behaves differently than hot glue so there's no obvious reason that the tubing will remain capped to the shoe, in the way you did. Maybe a different way to fix the two parts together, i.e. using some metal screws & plates, would better the situation.

is there any video of you using those in snow? :-)

Ah, give the kid a break Mario. The Wright Brothers didn't invent the Concorde, did they?

Yeah but the Wright brothers didn't pitch your kid, face first, into some yummy blood covered snow either.

No better way for a kid to learn, wolve. Besides, I'm sure the Wright brothers took many pitched nose dives!

Of course not. I think we all know the Concorde was invented by Leonardo DaVinci (or was it Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? I always mix those two up.).

wolvmarine mario5910 months ago

.........."I'm not a snow expert"'s a list of reasons of why I'm not::

HPandLOTR (author)  mario5910 months ago

They are just for novelty. Thank you dearly for the positive comment. There isn't any video of me using them. By the way, I suggest using spell check next time :)

wolvmarine10 months ago

AKA, "Send you to the floor in a hilarious manner shoes" patent pending !!!

Chasmols10 months ago

Edward de Bono (who coined the phrase lateral thinking) created a technique for creativity which he called Po. Po involves among other things suspending judgement of an idea as right or wrong, good or bad, and encourages the use of an idea as a stepping stone to another idea which may be a stepping stone eventually to a truly useful and original idea. Whimsy and humor are involved, too, and I think these show-plow-shoes are a wonderful opportunity for Po. Well done.

umashi10 months ago
Instead of using a saw to cut through pvc you could've just used a lighter and scissors,it's much quicker.
CrasheDNBurnT10 months ago

Since the snow is cold the hot glue becomes 10x harder than high tensile steel, Also found if you file the edges it will cut through ice snow and on occasion time space.

SO BE CAREFUL!! Excellent indestructible!!

Gonna start buying various shoes at goodwill make these and donate them to kids in Haiti!!

HPandLOTR (author)  CrasheDNBurnT10 months ago

thanks :) um...please vote :)

rbraverman110 months ago

Clever but I'd think using boot instead of sneakers would be more effective

veeguy rbraverman110 months ago

Think about it- If you used boots, the snow would hear you coming.

veeguy10 months ago

Great project! I am going to make a pair of these for an earth moving project I am doing. Since dirt is more difficult to move than snow, I will need to use a pair of engineer's boots and steel pipe for strength.

massimostep10 months ago

can not work!!

the tip of the shoe to touch the ground while so can not do it!
the tube comes off soon.

Actually, if you think about it. I think the way it would work is that the person would be kicking the snow. And because of the bucket height, it helps the person to be able to walk while they are wearing them.

kibukun10 months ago

Hilarious, I'm putting these on a pair of old boots that I have.

mario5910 months ago

I'm Italian, that's why I write with lots of errors.

Anyway as an Idea is a nice one, and I've just voted it!

Could be better just as any novelty idea. Hope to see them in action and maybe a 2.0 version with improved snow shoveling capabilities! Nice indeed !

Kjewbee10 months ago

Dude, its just a fantastic chindogu!

Very clever!

Billrose10 months ago

Just amazing! I wish I could have invented this. Bravo! Keep up the good work. This is why I visit this site.... Great work.

HPandLOTR (author)  Billrose10 months ago

thanks :) please vote, rate, and follow.

Spokehedz10 months ago

Not everything has to be practical, party poopers in the comments.

jeandr10 months ago

My first laugh of the day :D

flyingpuppy10 months ago

Dork. Voted. : )

brandt e10 months ago
Great idea, but does it work?

Of course it does! I've seen them in action.

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