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Introduction: Snow Tiger Paracord Bracelet

I notice that there wasn't any instructables that were about a weave like this, so I did some tinkering with some cord and found this awesome new weave.

Step 1: Gather Materials

15 ft of Paracord
jig (optional)

Step 2: Creating the Bracelet

Do a regular cows hitch in the middle of the cord onto the buckle

Step 3: Creating the Bracelet

Thread the cord through the other buckle and start and finish a regular cobra bracelet IMPORTANT tie the cobra bracelet loosely

Step 4: Creating the Bracelet

Take a 3-4 foot piece of black Paracord and gut it.

Step 5: Creating the Bracelet

Take the short gutted cord and thread it through the middle of the bracelet

Step 6: Creating the Bracelet

Cut and single the edges. Turn the bracelet over, and thread the gutted cord through the nearest cobra knot and cut and singe

Step 7: Finished

Congrats! You made the Snow Tiger Paracord bracelet, you should be proud! Show it off! Amaze your friends! Remember to vote for me in the Great Outdoors Contest!

Step 8: If That Wasn't Enough, Here's a Real Snow Tiger

(insert 'awwwww' here)



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    you don't show HOW YOU LACED THE BLACK IN!

    Looks cool, but why gut the black? Room?

    1 reply

    Yes, you need to gut the black to give it a cleaner look and it is easier to thread through the bracelet.


    thats pretty cool! i just did a simple stripe woven in down the middle for hunting bracelets, camo with blaze orange stripe.