Picture of Snow White and Happy the Dwarf
I wanted to create a costume that my puppy could be included in, this is what I came up with.
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Step 1: Decide on a character.

Picture of Decide on a character.
Snow White.full length.JPG
snow white with happy.3.JPG
Snow White.JPG
This is probably an obvious thing to do, but I sometimes have so many ideas floating around in my head that it is tough to decide on just one. Do yourself a favor and decide at least one month before you will be attending any costume parties - it is no fun looking for a black wig the day before an event only to realize there is nothing suitable in stock at any local store.

I love the idea of going as a themed duo or group, so I ended up with Snow White because my little guy, Valentino, makes a perfect Happy the dwarf.

Step 2: Research.

Picture of Research.
My research started with the 1937 animated film by Disney which I haven't watched in years. From there I did a few internet searches to find still images. There are quite a few variations out there, but I wanted to get as close to the original film as possible.

And who needs an excuse to watch a classic Disney cartoon!

Step 3: Gather your pattern and materials.

Picture of Gather your pattern and materials.
Thankfully, there are quite a few costume patterns out there – so much easier than having to draft your own! Simplicity has a Disney princess costume pattern that includes Snow White and Cinderella and comes in adult and children’s sizes, which is what I started with.

Pattern: Simplicity 2813
Bodice: Blue velvet
Skirt, Collar, & Lt. Blue Sleeves: Flannel backed satin (great for a little extra warmth!)
Cape: Iridescent Taffeta
Cape & Sleeve Lining: Crinkle satin with random sequins and embroidery.
Petticoat: White Muslin

Most of the fabric was purchased from the clearance section at JoAnn Fabrics.

Very good. A+

lancmaltby3 years ago
I love this - Happy is just too cute!
Very cute costume! And I love the dog costume too, so adorable!