Picture of Snow-White and Rose-Red: My Drawing Process
I like drawing pictures from stories and fairy tales, and the inspiration for this piece is the story of Snow-White and Rose-Red (unrelated to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves). It's a lesser-known fairy tale, but one of my favorites. For those of you not familiar with it, you can read it here:

I used Sketchbook Pro and my Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet, both courtesy of the Instructables team, who awarded me a prize in the Halloween drawing contest. :D
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Step 1: Character design

Picture of Character design
I don't really have a consistent method of drawing, but this time I decided to sketch out the characters first and try out a few different designs. The design I liked best for Rose made it through to the final product, but Snow changed pretty drastically. 

Step 2: Rough sketches

Picture of Rough sketches
Fullscreen capture 1282013 91301 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 91813 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 92324 AM.jpg
For the first bit, I kept everything pretty vague and focused on positioning everything.

Step 3: Rough lineart

Picture of Rough lineart
Fullscreen capture 1282013 111733 AM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 111758 AM.jpg
I then went over the rough sketches and tightened them up, adding details and such. I left the bear alone, because I was planning to draw him with a different technique than the girls.

I couldn't figure out what to do with Snow's hands for a while. I had wanted her to be touching the bear's fur, but I couldn't get that to work with the angle she was standing at, so I stuck some flowers in her hand... in the end she wasn't holding anything. Hands are always tricky for me. :-/ 

Step 4: Coloring Snow-White

Picture of Coloring Snow-White
Fullscreen capture 1282013 122455 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 123243 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 123555 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 123820 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 124156 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 124251 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 124558 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 14240 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 15018 PM.jpg
For coloring Snow, I used PaintBrush 2 to lay out all the colors, then smudged them a bit with the Smudge Round Bristle Brush on low strength and opacity. I also used the Airbrush tool for some of the shading. Oh, and I tweaked the lineart a bit more while coloring, as you can see by the lack of flowers in her hand. :)

Step 5: Coloring Rose-Red

Picture of Coloring Rose-Red
Fullscreen capture 1282013 22538 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 23804 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 30206 PM.jpg
Fullscreen capture 1282013 31325 PM.jpg
I used the same technique for Rose, though I spent a lot more time on her hair than I did on Snow's!

Wow you are such a good artist!!! :)

Embercat (author)  The Clay Crafter10 months ago
Aww, thank you! :D 
Your drawings are beautiful! Does this have to do with the Fables graphic novel?
Embercat (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks so much! :) I have never heard of the Fables graphic novel... it looks pretty interesting, though. I'd like to do a short graphic novel someday--I've had an idea for a storyline swimming around in my head for a while, but I don't know when/if I'll ever go through with it.
Oooh, that sounds fun :) You should kickstarter it :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago