Picture of Snow White
First.... Pick the princess you want to dress as..  
If you didn't pick Snow White, then this isn't the tutorial for you.

Not only did I make the outfit, I"m the one wearing it as well.

You can see more of my costume work on my Facebook page
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Step 1: Gathering Referance + Picking fabrics

Picture of Gathering Referance + Picking fabrics
I'd like to apologize in advance for some of my terms used throughout this tutorial.  Many times I’m not sure of the proper terminology so I took a best guess.

Anyways, this guide is based off of the great work done by Annie Leibovitz.  I made adjustments to make it my own version but her guide was a great starting point. I also studied what era this dress would have been in, looking at details like the sleeves, collar and the cut of the corset.

When picking fabrics my motto was “If I was a little girl, would this be soft enough to rub my face against?", if it met this motto then it was a winner.  In addition the fabric should look expensive - ones that absorb light rather than reflect it.

Fabrics Used:
Ultra Suede  Dark Blues (Corset)
Ultra Suede light Blue (Sleeve)
Stretch Yellow Velvet (Skirt)
Cream Lining (Skirt)
Duchess satin for the Red (Bow, Inside the sleeve, Inside the cape)
Stretch Red Velvet (Cape)
White Cotton (Collar)
Heavy Duty Interfacing (Collar)
Double sided iron on interface (cape)
Trim (Collar)

Additional Items:
Yellow Zipper (skirt)
Grommets (corset)
Boning (corset)
Skirt Hooks (corset/Skirt)
Red Bias tape (cape)
Snaps (collar/Corset

If you can find a yellow fabric that DOES NOT stretch, I would highly recommend it!  I really wanted mustard yellow, so this was the only way to get it - which it ended up being a bit of trouble to work with and I cannot store it hanging up.

You will need a large amount of fabric for the skirt, so I’d recommend using a less expensive fabric for that so that you can treat yourself to an iced coffee and lobster dinner with the money saved.

I wish I could pin this on Pinterest! I'm making a Snow White costume, but I've only got a little quilting experience so I'm just doing a skirt and cape. One day I will try this with nicer fabric, a corset, and those sleeves, which I LOVE! A blue shirt will have to suffice as a top for now.

you can pin this to pinterest, just copy the whole link at the very top of the screen

or copy the link I provided, go to your pinterest account, at the bottom of your screen there will be little transparent plus and question mark symbol (see photo) just click the plus then add your link, after your add your link click next, from there choose the photo you like best, and choose your board.

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really nice!

anallee8 months ago
I have been looking far and wide on how to do a stand up collar like this for snow white. I am new to making costumes and don't know what the heavy duty interface is. Would you be able to describe it more for me or maybe where you got it? Thank you so much for these instructions!!
Galonii anallee7 months ago

If you have a Jo-anns fabric store where you live, just go the the cutting counter and they'll pull it for you. It's usually white, stiff fabric, looks kind of like stiff felt.

1 facebook shit.jpg
anallee Galonii7 months ago
awesome thank you so much! I did so much research and found some. it's not the best job but I am proud of it lol!

This looks amazing! i was wondering how much it cost you to make this costume because i am on a tight budget.

clmosher8 months ago

Would have liked to have seen the back. Very lovely, nonetheless.

jenise200011 months ago
Is that a real deer?!!
Ridd1e (author)  jenise200011 months ago

Yes :D

I like it
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
All your costumes are so awesome! I took a pic with you at SDCC when you were Wasp... so legit!
that pic...
Can you tell us about the makeup you used to get the Snow White look?
Yes indeed, the makeup and photography are 'ible worthy in their own right! Some of the pictures look like Disney promotionals, wow! What is the great setting with the stained glass?
Ridd1e (author)  r_harris22 years ago
that was taken in a hotel in Mexico city.
If you are interested I can try to do a makeup tutorial, in a little bit :)
I'd love to learn more. The "flawless white skin" look is very impressive.
sparkyar2 years ago
great instructable! makeup and photography are top notch too... photoshopped eyes in the first pic to enhance the expression ;)
rmh20122 years ago
Hi Riki,

I voted for you!

Your Snow White is infallible just like all of your creations.... Lovely, kick-butt and always super-cool!
Fantastic meeting you and talking with you, hope to see you and chat with you again soon.
Take care.

Richard H.
(Las Vegas)
e5frog2 years ago
Very impressive work, better than the one pictured on the first page.

I love it when cute girls make instructables.
Honus2 years ago
That is an amazing job! Everything about it is just perfect. A woman I work with dresses up as Snow White every year so I'll be sure to show this to her at work tomorrow as she'll flip out over it. :)
Beautiful young lady! I was 15 or 16 and we lived in Palos Verdes and often went to Disneyland. There was a girl running the Snow White ride who looked just like Snow White. I think I'm still in love with her even though I was too scared to talk to her. This girl may be prettier.
robtsou2 years ago
"flats equal Disney heels equal stripper Disney" - Love it! Great work!
danny61142 years ago
Snow White has never looked so gorgeous!
dmosher6262 years ago
Amazing work, well done. This makes me want to learn to sew better, so I can make this for my wife.
jsolterbeck2 years ago
omg you're super gorgeous -
kerikins2 years ago
Aeshir2 years ago
This is so good!! And you look amazing!
MarkML2 years ago
Great job!
mr.frob2 years ago
Wow, well done!
jdaley997022 years ago
That is wonderful.

And yes they won't let you in wearing a costume except maybe on Halloween day or something. But they will flat out ask you to change. They go through a lot of hassle to preserve the "magic" and they protect it
jdehonestis2 years ago
Best of luck. Looking good so far.
shazni2 years ago
You are a very pretty snow white :-) just like the cartoon
I struggle to sew patches on my daughter's Daisey outfit. The out and out MATH, geometry, fabric selections and skill involved in a project like this one make you a real life SUPER HERO, Riddle. Great project, great costume, great artist!
Absolutely GREAT costume, better than the ones I saw at Disney and you look the part more than the one's at Disney. You should pull this one off easy Riddle. Good Luck.
JeyNyce2 years ago
Looks way better than the ones I saw at Disney world. They need to hire you to make their outfits. Nice job
saintjoe692 years ago
I signed up just to vote for YOU. ;o)
Just beautiful! I absolutely love Snow White's sleeves! You recreated them wonderfully :)