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Introduction: Snow Igloo

This is a Snow Igloo we made a few years ago... It only lasted 3 days and it got hot... the one we did the winter before lasted 4 weeks... This thing was so strong that you could stand on top...

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    if it ever snows in Florida (fat chance. and even if it did there wouldn't be much) i will make one of these. jolly good show.

    Cold! I mean Cool!!

    It;s really easy... just pressing the snow together from the bottom up. you have to make it quite thick (about 12 inch all around and up). Start by the shape in the floor and go up from there adding snow wherever you need it... Show pics if you make it!!

    Just pressing the snow together.... with my hands...

    OK, fair enough. It just wasn't clear whether you made blocks first and stacked them together, whether you used a spray bottle with water to strengthen things with a layer of ice, whether you used supports underneath while building, or even whether it was built by hollowing out a big pile of snow.

    I just gathered all the snow I could and started forming the igloo by pressing it... I didn't need to make blocks or use support underneath... just start from the bottom up all the way around.... After it was done I sprinkled water with a hose and fixed it a bit after it got hard as ice....

    Cool. The snow must have been perfect to build it that way.

    wait more detail please like an instructable??? please

    OH NO! It died D':