I had some spare bikes so i thought i would make some ski bikes and ths is how i did it.
I took the hubs off the wheels and split them I cut the hub in half with the spindle out and mounted it in a tube and put the spindle back in to hold it together.
Then i made this triangle shape to hold the blades (ski) and just put it back on the bike.

Step 1: Splitting the Wheels

Take the wheels off the bike and take out all the spokes so you are left with just the hubs.
Then take the spindles out and bearings and keep them in a jar or something these will need to go back in.
cut the hub in half so you can insert a steel tube between them then you can weld to the steel tube
This is awesome! Please do a step by step Instructable! I know people would love to make this!
yes i will it just takes abit of time i may need to take somemore pictures
take a baseball style cap . take a basic web cam of yr choice drill 2 or holes in the bib of the cap. use cable ties to secure the cam to the top side of the cap. run the usb cable over the top. wella yr very own piont an shoot head mounted cam.
I really like the simplicity of this method, thanks for sharing!!

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