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Introduction: SnowMade Icecream!

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This Instructable will teach you how to make your own ice cream from common ingredients and items. You can make many flavors and it is a fun,quick activity with family and friends.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is...
Milk or Half and Half
Vanilla Extract(or choc. syrup, strawberry syrup,etc depending on desired flavor)
A big coffee can
A small coffee can that will fit inside the big one, or a ziplock baggy like I used.
And just ten minutes of time

Step 2: Preparing the Ice Cream

In the ziplock baggy or small coffee can, add:
1/2 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon flavoring(vanilla extract, etc.)
1 tablespoon sugar
and mix it all up.

For more quantity of icecream, multiple everything by the same number throughout. Ex. for twice the icecream, multiple everything by two.

Step 3: Drop It Low, the Temperature That Is.

In the big coffee can, add snow and about 6 to 7 table spoons of salt. Make sure there is room enough in the can for your baggy of ice cream. Shake up the can to evenly disperse the salt. Now add your baggy to the can and cover with a little more snow so that it is surrounded by snow. Wait about ten minutes, leaving the coffee can outside in the snow. You can roll around the coffee can to make the ice cream solidify quicker.

Step 4: I Scream, You Scream.

We all scream ice cream! Retrieve your ice cream from the can and enjoy! Mine melted because I was writing up this Instructable while making it, but its delicious anyways.Thanks for reading my Instructable, please vote for me in the Snow contest, hope this inspired you!



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    This will be fun to do with the kids! Thanks!

    Cool Indestructible, perfect for winter camping trips!

    1 reply

    Oh yes! It can be made pretty much anywhere with ease, i love how simple this is!

    Yeah I was going to make this instructable but I did't have the right stuff or snow hope you win!

    2 replies

    Thanks for the support!!

    Nice! I know that in normal ice cream makers, they use salt to change the temperature, right? could you use salt to make it work faster?

    And yeah, the ice cream is separated from the snow by the baggie.

    2 replies

    I did use salt in mine to make it go faster, I added about six to seven tablespoons. I would have no idea if a normal ice cream maker would use salt, I don't own one. Thanks for the input!

    Thanks, any time!

    Snow actually contains a lot of bacteria, as cold temperatures don't kill of germs...
    and you don't know what the snow touched before you touched it!

    4 replies

    The snow helps make the ice cream, it not in the ice cream at all.

    I meant that there would be a small possibility that the bacteria might get in... that's small though...
    Nice instructable!

    Yeah, if the ziplock baggy could get a hole in it, then yeah there would be a problem with bacteria, but I ate snow as a kid sometimes and I turned out okay, I hope. To prevent this from happening you could use a small coffee can or tupperware inside the big can instead of a baggy. Thank you for the comments!

    I might be missing something, but the ice cream that you'd end up eating is in the smaller ziplock baggy/coffee can, right? So the snow wouldn't touch anything edible...