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Here is, I hope, a much better set of instructables for you to enjoy and do stuff! You need these prerequisites: 123DSculpt, free on the App Store by Autodesk, the Creature 3 add on (0.99 cents in-app), and that's about it. The feathers I use in this instructable are in the feathers & fur image files that come in-app ready to use! Not bad.

It SHOULD be noted. The pictures in this following step-by-step are understood to read top to bottom and left to right as far as instructional setup. ENJOY !

Step 1: Step One

Step One:

After reading my intro you should be some where looking at this top image in the first colage here. The creature 3 pack, as mentioned in the intro, gives you a snake, a kangaroo, this flying owl, and I think a yak.

Part 1: Pick the flying owl .obj  you can see from the Top Center image and it will open to the left middle frame of the picture which is the default opening editing screen.

Part 2: In the middle right frame you will notice (after selecting the bottom left editing option from the LEFT HAND set of tools. Pick the one with the stars. As far as I can tell, owls feathers grow from the inside near the body outwards unto it's wings so there for, in order to recreate this effect you must do your image scratching from the outside of the wings in towards the body for proper real-life layering effect =) This is the image rub tool which allows you to pick from a selection of various pre-loaded textures and images, pretty handy for layering once you figure out overlapping and patterns. You'll find the feathers I used for the SnowOwl are the default image used by the scratch feature.

Part 3: Bottom left Image. This image is the result of lining up the feathers to the furthest tip of the owl's wings and making sure the owl's position is of the under side of the bird facing the top of the screen. Line up the feathers to the tip of the wing and proceed to "rub" the screen by using just one finger. The image is transferred to the spot you desired! I tend to run the opacity at about 25% to %50 depending on how fine of blending the layers together requires and I always start small with the side of the pointer. These to options can be change at the bottom of the screen and are useful for all the tools in 123d Sculpt.

Part 4: In the Bottom Right right image I am continuing to add layers using the same position of the owl but moving slightly to the center of the object. Really, the technique requires getting familiar with the image rub tool and getting use to using the bottom two sliders for you image opacity and pointer size.

 ALSO: REMEMBER! The < undo and redo>  arrows, which lay on the upper set of toolbar options are an editor's best friend! And save often by clicking on the + PLUS button which is just to the left of the <undo redo> buttons. These are general editing principals of anything digital =) 
That's awesome - getting the feathers in the right orientation takes some patience! Great job.
Thanks! I entered into the make it real-ly scary contest!

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