Picture of Snowblossom Hat Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to make the custom-sized fleece hat (featured in this post on Made By Rae: http://www.made-by-rae.com/2010/11/blossom-baby/) for any size head (adult, baby, or child). The tutorial shows you how to make the hat with flowers but you could easily modify it for a more gender-neutral hat. It can also be reversed if the top of the hat is undone!

All text and photos are the intellectual property of Rae Hoekstra of http://made-by-rae.com; you may link to this tutorial as long as you give proper credit, but please do not copy content for distribution or use on your own website.  Thanks!
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Step 1: Measure Head Circumference and Cut out fabric

Picture of Measure Head Circumference and Cut out fabric
Take a tape measure and measure in inches the head for which this hat will be fashioned.

Cut two rectangles out of two different colors of fleece as follows: the width of each rectangle should be the head circumference plus 1″ (for seam allowances) divided by 2.  The height of the rectangle should be the width plus 3″ (see picture). Before cutting, make sure that you orient your fabric so that it will stretch more when you pull across the width of the rectangle than when you pull across the length.

Step 2: Cut earflap

Picture of Cut earflap
The extra 3″ you added to the height of the hat was for an earflap. Starting 3″ from the bottom edge on one of the long sides, cut across the hat, curving downward to the bottom edge and then back up, ending 3″ from the bottom at the other side. You’ll notice in the photograph that I cut the earflaps slightly off center. If you move the earflaps away from the front edge by an inch or two, there will be more room for the face at the front of the hat.  Repeat for the other pieces, being careful to trace the exact curve you made for the first earflap.
I love really soft hats! So cute!
That is adorable. I know a toddler this would look just perfect on. :D