Picture of Snowflake Card

The holidays are here! 
Ah, must send holiday greeting cards!
But store bought cards can be so impersonal (and so overrated)...


Make your own! 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Paper Texture.JPG

1) Magazines (for your snowflake)

2) Thick Craft paper or Construction paper (I'm using this thick paper with little hairs and gold flecks in it.)

3) Glue stick

4) Scissors

5) Thread

6) Large needle

7) Marker (I'm using Prismacolor Warm Grey 50%)

Step 2: Making the Snowflake (I)

Picture of Making the Snowflake (I)
Cutting a Rectangle.JPG
Folding a Triangle.JPG
Big Triangle.JPG
Second Triangle Fold.JPG

1) Pick out a magazine page with the colors you want your snowflake to be.

2) Cut out a square (size depends on how big you want your snowflake to be, mine is approx. 3" x 3")

3) Fold the square diagonally to form a triangle.

4) Fold the larger triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.

Step 3: Making the Snowflake (II)

Picture of Making the Snowflake (II)
Folding Over Second Edge.JPG
Finished Figure.JPG
Flipped Over.JPG
Cut Off Triangles.JPG
Cut Interesting Designs.JPG

5) Fold over one of the corners of the triangle.

6) Fold the other corner over the previous fold (see pictures for what it should look like).

7) Turn the finished figure over and cut off the triangular edges at the top to make a straight edged triangle.

8) Cut along the edges to make a snowflake design, improvise, just make sure you don't cut off the edges completely otherwise the snowflake will not hold together.

9) Unfold your snowflake.


Step 4: Assembling

Picture of Assembling
Snowflake Pieces.JPG
Snowflake Piece on Card.JPG
Prismacolor Time.JPG

10) Glue your snowflake to a sheet of the thicker craft paper so that there is at least an inch of paper all around.

11) Cut a somewhat wavy circle around the snowflake, leaving about 3 mm of space around. 

(I used the blue and white snowflake from a card I didn't assemble for the rest of the instructable, shown in the images...)

12) Glue this to a sheet of craft paper that has been folded over to make a card.

13) Trim the card to fit the snowflake piece.

14) Use your marker to outline the snowflake and the details of the snowflake.

libbyw191 year ago
Hehehe this is cool!
This is awesome - the snowflakes look so good. I love the colors :D