The gear coasters were fun but now it's winter.  You can't use the same coasters forever!
Here are some snowflake coasters that are cheap and easy to make.  

Step 1: Designing

You could do the whole fold a piece of paper, cut it out, unfold it bit but that's so old school and what about paper cuts?...and all those little bits of paper everywhere?...what a mess...

No, head on over to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and grab their snowflake drawing app.  It's cross platform, light weight and pretty slick.

It mirrors what you do to make a six sided design that looks eerily like a snowflake.

Play with it a bit and you'll be making professional snowflakes in no time.  Save your favorites and you'll have a nice little batch of PDFs.
These are just awesome!!! and it has nothing to do with the fact that my about profile says I am obsessed with snowflakes... :D<br><br>I have already downloaded the evilmadscientist app and will be making &quot;new-school&quot; snowflakes without all that crazy mess and paper cuts. (Like who can afford bandaids over the holidays...)<br><br>But really, CNC machine??? - Now you're just bragging... (like I'm going to cut all those out with a hand saw... lol) - You may have to send me some when your done playing ninja and have cut out all 288 from the sheet.<br><br>Great Job! and a very fitting entry for the Advent Calendar.
Well, it will probably take longer to build a CNC machine than cutting them out by hand and you've only got <strike>18</strike> 17 days...... &nbsp;My machine is so co-dependent every time I leave the shop it goes haywire!
It might be better to use a different pattern for each coaster, since there's that expression about snowflakes that no two are the same.
Do it and show us!
Rock on!
Nice Job!
Those look awesome! Great job!
Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine

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