Snowflake Earrings





Introduction: Snowflake Earrings

Here are some super easy,and quick earrings that you can make. I guarantee that you are going to dazzle your friends and family with these beautiful earrings. Here are the materials that you are going to need:

• 6mm round beads
• superduo beads
• size 11/0 seed beads
• scissors
• beading wire( about 18 in)
• beading needle ( I use eye needles )
• jewelry glue
• 2 earring fish hooks

Step 1:

First add six round beads to your needle,and bring it down to the end of your thread leaving about 1 1/2 of an inch, then tie the threads together and it should create a circle out of your beads. add a little dab of glue to the knot and let it dry.

Step 2:

Go through all of the six beads once to make sure that it's tight. Now starting at the first bead on your circle. Thread through the bead then add a superduo threading through one hole. Next bring the thread through the next round bead then add another superduo. Repeat this step until you get to the end of the round beads. So you have six round beads and six superduos.

Step 3:

Go through the top hole of the first superduo bead you placed, now add1 superduo, 4 seed beads, then 1 more superduo to your needle and go through the top hole of the next superduo. repeat this until you've gone through the sixth superduo.

Step 4:

There are now three superduo beads in front of your needle, thread through the bottom hole of the first then the top hole of the second then the bottom hole of the third. Next you place 1 seed bead on your needle, then looking at 4 seed beads that you placed in the last row, skip 1 seed bead, then thread through the next two seed beads. Next place one more seed bead on the needle skipping the fourth seed bead, then thread through the top hole of the next superduo. Next thread another superduo on your needle.

Step 5:

Do the same thing that we did in the last step with all of your beads.

Step 6:

Go through the the three superduo beads that you placed in all of the steps, and then go through the seed bead that you also placed in the last step, and take 1 seed bead then one fish hook earring and then another seed bead and go through the seed bead that you also placed in the last step.

Step 7: Admire Your Work!!!

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and please don't leave any rude comments.This is my first instructable so i'm sorry if it was kind of ........ messed up i guess.



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You did great, they are beautiful. keep up the good work,

You did a great job. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, I think, we take for granted just how much work goes into making and sharing tutorials. Thanks for taking the time.

Very nice!

What's next :)