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This "back lit moving gear" wreath was created to replace a dull wall hanging in Santa's Shop.

Step 1: Materials

Blue led strip lights

Quimat metal gear servo motor (this has no end stops and is easy to convert to continuous rotation)

(7) 6mm x 19mm x 6mm bearings

12" x 10.5" plywood (1/2 inch thick)

(4) M3 x 8mm screws

12 volt dc power supply (for led lights)

3 volt power supply (for gear motor)

(24) 3/4 inch wood screws



Fake jewels

3d Printed Parts

(7) bearing mounts

(4) corner bkta

(1) drivegear short

(1) servo gear motor

(7) nut105 (print at 105% size)

(1) servo horn short

(7) snowflake gear

Step 2:

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Remove four screws from the servo motor (this metal geared servo motor has no end stops--it is ideal for converting to a powerful geared dc motor).

Step 3:

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On the circuit board, cut the two wires from the motor and the three wires from the pot. Remove the circuit board.

Step 4:

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Solder wires to the motor wires.

Step 5:

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Replace the four screws and you now have a powerful metal gear motor with servo horns for attaching to things.

Step 6:

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Press fit the bearings into the bearing holders.

Step 7:

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One at a time, mount the gears. Make sure that the gears mesh and turn freely. Secure each gear with a printed nut.

Step 8:

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The drive motor and seven driven gears make up my wreath. You must have an even number of gears for a closed gear system.

Step 9:

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Fasten the corner standoffs to the plywood using wood screws.

Step 10:

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Test the operation, then remove the gears and paint the wood. For anyone interested, the blue scrap plywood I am using was part of the "swamp" in Froggy World.

Step 11:

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Attach the lights to the rear (peel the tape and stick them on). Add paint, glitter and "jewels" to suit your taste!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-09-30

This would make a great steampunk design.

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