Picture of Snowflake decoration
My sister sells beads on ebay so I thought I would try making some Christmas decorations with them.
I'd never really made anything with beads before, though I have done lots of other crafts.

I'm selling kits to make this in my rather sparse shop on etsy and also on ebay.
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Step 1:

Picture of
To make the snowflake you will need
  • 24 12mm (large) beads
  • 18 6mm (medium) beads
  • 42 4mm (small) beads
  • 1 m 0.5 mm (24 gauge) beading wire or similar (should keep its shape when bent)
  • ribbon or similar for hanging
wire cutters, strong scissors or nail clippers

To make the snowflake used here, the large and medium beads are acrylic white translucent beads, the small beads are transparent iridescent beads.

Step 3: First arm of snowflake

On the right hand end of the wire (end B), thread
  • medium (6mm) bead
  • small (4mm) bead
  • medium bead
  • *small bead*
  • small bead
  • large bead
  • small bead
  • large bead
  • small bead
  • large bead
  • small bead
Make a loop by threading the wire back through the small bead marked with asterisks (of the two small beads together it is the one closest to the snowflake centre). I find making the loop easier if you bend the wire and get the beads where you want them to be before threading the wire back through 4mm bead.

Step 5: Second Arm

You might notice that I've turned the snowflake over here, just to be confusing.
On end A thread
  • small bead (you might notice this is missing from the picture - I made a mistake!)
  • medium bead
  • small bead - this is the bead you thread the wire back through
  • another small bead
  • large bead
  • small bead
  • large bead
  • small bead
  • large bead
  • small bead

Step 7:

Thread on to same end of wire (end A)
  • medium bead
  • small bead
  • medium bead
then thread the other end of the wire (end B)  through the last medium bead in the opposite direction. This end is now ready to start the next arm.
Thread end A through the large bead shown.
Pull the wires tight.

You might notice that the mistake I made earlier has now miraculously been corrected. No idea how this happened.

Step 8: Third, fourth and fifth arms.

Picture of Third, fourth and fifth arms.
To make the third, fourth and fifth arms, repeat steps 5-7, but with alternating ends of the wire. The third arm is made by threading beads onto end B, the fourth arm by threading onto end A and the fifth arm by threading onto end B again.

Step 9: Sixth arm

Repeat steps 5 and 6 to make the sixth arm.
After making the loop, thread onto the wire (end A)
  • medium bead
  • small bead
Thread end A through the medium bead at the bottom of the first arm as shown in the picture, then back through the large bead shown (this means that the ends of the wire are now separated by two large beads)

Step 10: Making a hanging loop

Take the longer of the two ends of the wire and thread through a medium bead as shown.
Leaving a loop large enough to thread a ribbon through, thread the wire back through the same bead.

I usually work out the length of wire needed to make the loop, then cut off the excess before I thread the wire back into the medium bead, so that the end of the wire is hidden in the bead.

Twist the wire loop to secure it.

With the beads I've used here, the ends of the wire can now be cut off using wire cutters, scissors, or nail clippers, if you haven't already done so. However, when using beads with larger holes, I've found that the snowflake can be a bit loose, in which case,I thread the ends through a few more beads until it feels secure. 

You may need to bend the arms of the snowflake to even it up.

Thread a ribbon through the loop, and congratulations, you have made a beautiful snowflake!
These are beautiful!
chabias2 years ago
I love the beads you used for this. I have a hand-strung design that looks a bit similar. Nice!
DAINTY crystal-pearl.jpg
suayres2 years ago
Very pretty and effective. If you use wire with a silver color, instead of the brass or copper, you'll get a more frosty/icy look.
tringsthings (author)  suayres2 years ago
I don't have any silver wire, but my sister has ordered some for me, so I'm looking forward to trying this.
Tricorvus2 years ago
good golly miss molly!!! I'm going to do this!! That is the cutest daggone thing!!
racoontnn2 years ago
Amazing decoration for the Christmas tree. Simple and affordable. And people are quite manage to make it with their own hands to the New Year!
agis682 years ago
lovely...allready make order...
Vert Nice.
i_luvcanada2 years ago
Thank you for doing the tutorial. You should post it to Pinterest.
blopez2 years ago
I don't see a picture of the entire finished snowflake. Could you post a picture the finished product long shot?
tringsthings (author)  blopez2 years ago
I had a picture of the finished snowflake for the last step for a big finish, but I've added a couple of pictures to the first step which will hopefully give you a good look at it without having to do a lot of scrolling!
Beautiful work. And thanks for the extra picture.
lifesart2 years ago
Oh you have such patience! This is really nice, wish my fingers would work with small objects.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Well done looks great!