Step 10: Making a hanging loop

Picture of Making a hanging loop
Take the longer of the two ends of the wire and thread through a medium bead as shown.
Leaving a loop large enough to thread a ribbon through, thread the wire back through the same bead.

I usually work out the length of wire needed to make the loop, then cut off the excess before I thread the wire back into the medium bead, so that the end of the wire is hidden in the bead.

Twist the wire loop to secure it.

With the beads I've used here, the ends of the wire can now be cut off using wire cutters, scissors, or nail clippers, if you haven't already done so. However, when using beads with larger holes, I've found that the snowflake can be a bit loose, in which case,I thread the ends through a few more beads until it feels secure. 

You may need to bend the arms of the snowflake to even it up.

Thread a ribbon through the loop, and congratulations, you have made a beautiful snowflake!