Step 4: bottom of first arm/ start of second arm

Thread on to the wire end B (the end you've just used to make the loop) and then
  • one medium bead
  • one small bead
  • one medium bead
Both ends of the wire should be on the same side of the snowflake arm, if not the arm will need to be twisted.
Thread the other end of the wire (end A) through the last medium bead on end B, in the opposite direction.
End A is now ready to start the second arm of the snowflake.
Thread end B though the large bead shown in the photo.

These are beautiful!
I love the beads you used for this. I have a hand-strung design that looks a bit similar. Nice!
Very pretty and effective. If you use wire with a silver color, instead of the brass or copper, you'll get a more frosty/icy look.
I don't have any silver wire, but my sister has ordered some for me, so I'm looking forward to trying this.
good golly miss molly!!! I'm going to do this!! That is the cutest daggone thing!!
Amazing decoration for the Christmas tree. Simple and affordable. And people are quite manage to make it with their own hands to the New Year!
lovely...allready make order...
Vert Nice.
Thank you for doing the tutorial. You should post it to Pinterest.
I don't see a picture of the entire finished snowflake. Could you post a picture the finished product long shot?
I had a picture of the finished snowflake for the last step for a big finish, but I've added a couple of pictures to the first step which will hopefully give you a good look at it without having to do a lot of scrolling!
Beautiful work. And thanks for the extra picture.
Oh you have such patience! This is really nice, wish my fingers would work with small objects.
Well done looks great!

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