Snowman Christmas Cake Pops

Picture of Snowman Christmas Cake Pops
If you're thinking about making cake pops for the holidays, snowmen are the perfect subject. Perfectly round heads on top of perfectly round bodies, plus all those cute little accessories... it would almost be a waste to make one out of snow instead of cake and candy coating!
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Step 1: Supplies for Snowman Christmas Cake Pops

Picture of Supplies for Snowman Christmas Cake Pops
To make snowman cake pops you will need:
White cake balls
Lollipop sticks
Green and white candy melts
Green and white sparkling sugar
Black confetti sprinkles
Orange candy-coated sunflower seeds
Chocolate jimmies
Red shoestring candy
Jumbo red heart sprinkles
Sour candy belts
Tweezers (clean and used for food only)
Cake pop stand

Step 2: How To Make Cake Balls

Picture of How To Make Cake Balls
Start by making your cake balls and chilling them in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to start dipping your snowman cake pops. Make half the cake balls a slightly larger size for the bottom layer of your snowman cake pops.

For step-by-step directions for making and dipping cake pops like a pro, see How To Make Cake Pops | A Step-By-Step Tutorial.

Step 3: How to Make Snowman Christmas Cake Pops: Step 1

Picture of How to Make Snowman Christmas Cake Pops: Step 1
Start by microwaving your white candy melts in a bowl on low power for 30-seconds at a time. Stop and stir after each 30-second interval then repeat until the coating is completely melted. Do not overheat the candy melts or your coating will become lumpy. If the coating is too thick, add a small amount of vegetable oil or shortening to thin it out.
Dip the end of a lollipop stick into the melted coating and then into a larger-sized cake ball, gently pushing until the stick is about half way through the cake ball. Complete this step for all of the larger-sized cake balls then set them in the fridge until they are chilled. Although your smaller-sized cake balls have not been dipped in candy coating, place them in the fridge so they are chilled for the next step.
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