Picture of Snowman Christmas Cake Pops
If you're thinking about making cake pops for the holidays, snowmen are the perfect subject. Perfectly round heads on top of perfectly round bodies, plus all those cute little accessories... it would almost be a waste to make one out of snow instead of cake and candy coating!

Step 1: Supplies for Snowman Christmas Cake Pops

Picture of Supplies for Snowman Christmas Cake Pops
To make snowman cake pops you will need:
White cake balls
Lollipop sticks
Green and white candy melts
Green and white sparkling sugar
Black confetti sprinkles
Orange candy-coated sunflower seeds
Chocolate jimmies
Red shoestring candy
Jumbo red heart sprinkles
Sour candy belts
Tweezers (clean and used for food only)
Cake pop stand
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Those candies are perfect for scarves. So cute!
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