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This will show you how to turn a sock into your very own snowman toy! It even stands upright by itself!

Step 1: Step One

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First off, you need many things. You need: a white sock, any size, but the size will be the size of your snowman, a piece of orange fabric or sock for the scarf and nose,nap black sock for the hat, black paint for the eyes and mouth, scissors, string, rice, a paintbrush or q-tip, and any kind of liquid glue. You also may need some paint for blush, but that's your choice.

Step 2: Step Two

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Fill your sock with rice, and tie it off. Then fill it with rice again and tie that off. This creates the head and body.

Step 3: Step Three

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Then cut off your black sock and glue that to the head, as well as glue a piece of orange sock on the snowman. Also glue on 2 stripes.

Step 4: Step Four

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Then paint on the buttons and face.

Step 5: Yay

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Congrats your very own snowman toy!


Penguinhotchoco (author)2016-12-15

Thank you!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-12-11

Good idea. This would be a great way to reuse all my old socks that have holes in them.

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