Picture of Snowmanthesizer - Thing A Day - Day 2
The other evening I was cutting endless sheets of robot stickers to make all the kids happy. Yes, just slicing away, minding my own business, and just then our fearless leader Eric walks in hands me three odd-looking plastic things. He informs me that they are electronic junk acquired at some schmoozing event and that if I open them up and poke around I could apparently get them to play some strange little tune.

Since I am not one to turn down free junk, I took them and did as instructed. Indeed, after some poking terminals with speaker wires, I did get it to play some strange little tune. In fact, it was a horrible screaching techno kind of thing.

And I now had three! Oh fortune!

And so, I resolved to wire them all together so that they could play out of synch and make some really strange and distorted digital instrument or the sorts.

I added some photocells and a snowman I had lying around and made my cell phone penguin a new seasonal appropriate friend.

Step 1: Go get stuff.

Picture of Go get stuff.
To do this you will need:


1 - stuffed snowman
3 - cheap techno noise-making circuits
3 - photocells
1- dpst switch
1 - 1/8" audio jack
1 - small speaker


- needle and thread
- soldering iron and solder
- some hookup wire
- electrical tape
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
Play it backwards! those candles are meant for brainwashing people!
darryllicht7 years ago
I love your schematic!!!
ewilhelm7 years ago
I came across the LED candles at the Crunchies party, and was reminded of the listen to a tea light Instructable. I also knew randofo is a sucker for all types of electronic junk.
Patrik7 years ago
I wonder whether you can change the sound by lowering the voltage to the noise circuits, as Eric did with the Furbies. Worth a try - that would give you two parameters per noise circuit to play with. Another option would be to modulate the power to one circuit using the output of another. Heck, wire all three in a loop and add some caps for a time delay / echo effect...
what an odd and twisted contraption, I like it, just out of question what happened to the Leds, did you remove them or let him glow unbridled? Great noise nuisance at xmas time, think shop full of christmas stuff... they'd never find the wretched little snowman.
randofo (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
The LED got ripped off of one by accident. The other two I just let do what they do. I figured it didn't really matter too much.
Ah right, just kinda wondered because of the fun lighting up aspect, must go find freezable, non conductive substance and some of these candles, just to have a real snowman, yeah water doesn't conduct when frozen but melts to well...
CameronSS7 years ago
No mp3?
randofo (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
I added some video instead.
....and just then our fearless leader Eric walks in hands me three odd-looking plastic things.

Well, this thing looks really cool, but funny too. :P
Awesome, I wish I had one.
And you solder really neatly!
By the way, +1 rating, and...
(added to favorites).