Snowy White Owl


Introduction: Snowy White Owl

I have seen many owl costumes, typically brown or black ones, but never a snowy white one. Plus, I was on a strict budget. Ebay came in to the rescue for that.

I got a corset, fabric, boas, a mask and lots of feathers and put this piece together in about a week.

I took pictures of the process, but they were not any good because everything was white and hard to see what was going on.

You can see that this was very simple, mainly sewing and gluing on feathers. I used about three boas. One sewed around the waist of the corset and the other outlined the skirt. I glued feathers to the top of the corset and used a white cardboard cut in the shape of a leaf for the tail. I sewed the cardboard to the back of the corset and glued feathers all along it. For the mask I got a plain white plastic mask and glued feathers all over it.

The wings I will say were the hardest. Mainly cutting them into a shape that i was happy with and had the time for. Once I played around with the wings, I ended up with what I got :-) I then sewed part of it to the top back of the corset, the middle to the top of my gloves and the tip to the pinky.



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