Now you can make a snuggie for dogs with this free pattern! I know what you're thinking, but this really is perfect for cold days when even your pup doesn't want to go outside.  Stitch up this quick fleece snuggley jacket, and your dog will be ready for any weather. . . or as Zoey prefers, a nice cozy nap.

Depending on the size of your pooch, you'll need about 1/2 yd - 1 yd of fleece, a 2-5" piece of elastic, some thread, and about 12" of velcro.  This pattern is slightly more complicated than the previous snuggies I've posted.  So if you're new to sewing, hang in there, skip the extra hemming steps, and feel free to ask questions!

I promise that this will be the last in my snuggie series.  Regular programming is scheduled to resume immediately.

Step 1: Tracing the Pattern

I've included the pattern I made for Zoey, based on her measurements.  She is long and tall for a small dog, so this pattern is a bit unique.  Also, since this was made as a gift, I didn't have Zoey around to try the snuggie on her and make adjustments.  You will be able to create a much more perfect fit to your own pet!

You can expand this pattern, or make something similar to suit your own dog's needs.  Measure them from neck to the base of the tail, add 2" for the cowl, and that is the finished length of the pattern you print out. 

If your dog has long legs, you can extend the length of the sleeve along the edge that is marked "fold."

Print out the pattern and adjust the size to suit your pooch. 

Where the pattern is marked "fold" means that the fabric should be folded in half and that edge of the pattern should lay along the folded edge of the fabric. 

Alternatively, you can print out two of each piece marked "fold" and tape them together, giving you a complete pattern piece that you can lay out on one layer of fabric.

Confused yet?

Fold the fleece in half and place the body pattern and sleeve pieces on the fold.  You'll need to do this twice with the sleeve - or, make a mirror image of the paper pattern piece and tape them together so you have the whole piece instead of half before cutting out of fleece.

Not show in the photo, but included in the pattern, is a strip for the velcro closures.  I used three of these, but how many you need will depend on the size of your finished snuggie.

What, no CAT&nbsp;SNUGGIE?&nbsp; I&nbsp;cry discrimination!&nbsp; ; )&nbsp; I suppose I&nbsp;could just adjust the measurements . . . but that's too close to creative work! Not that the critters would stand still for this.&nbsp; lol<br />
I wanted to write up a fake one about how I tried to make my cat a snuggie. . .and lost the use of my eyes and hands for two weeks.&nbsp; The ringing in my ears is just now dying down. . . <br /> I can't imagine trying to get one on her.&nbsp; She would plaster herself to the ground and yowl in that low, threatening way.<br /> Not that I'm not tempted!&nbsp; <br /> So yeah, once you get your cat to sit still long enough to tolerate a set of measurements, let me know ;)<br />
Yeah, THAT'S&nbsp;going to happen!&nbsp; I, also, value the use of my eyes and hands, and have no intention of risking eternal prey-dom at the claws of my two darlings!&nbsp; It is so true what &quot;they&quot;&nbsp;say:&nbsp;Dogs have masters, but cats have servants!&nbsp; We who serve them should know our places.<br />
<p>These are great. Thanks for posting</p>
I have a miniature chiweenie he is long but short. Would this be a good pattern for him?<br>
Some breeds live far away from their native climates, so they actually do need a little extra protection when they have to go outside in cold weather. I actually enjoyed this a lot. When you make your own <a href="http://clothes4dogs.com" rel="nofollow">clothes for dogs</a>, you can pick the colors and save money too.
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they actually sell these so you should of gotten a patent when you had the chance
awww! I'm going to make one for my doggie! Thanks!
Very&nbsp;Nice, me and my dog are now snuggie buddies.
I have to say that I like the series... I have found an inexpensive source for fleece here at $2 per metre. I will have to make one... Thanks for these<br /> <br /> <br />
Snuggies are getting so popular!&nbsp;

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