Snuggle sack for small animals

Picture of Snuggle sack for small animals
Snuggle sacks are sleeping bags for small animals who like to snooze while cuddling their humans. The main variant is enclosed on 3 sides, making a bag. The flap variant is enclosed on 2 sides, for easier access to burrowing critters who otherwise refuse to ever leave their sacks.

This DIY snuggle sack requires minimal sewing skills, and is easily accomplished as a first-sewing-project. It is far faster with machine sewing, but may be handsewn with patience. Construction time with a sewing machine is approximately 10-30 minutes depending on skill level. The final product is fully-lined and reversable with no exposed seams.

The hedgehog used as a scale-creature and demo in these photos is approximately the dimensions of a very small adult hedgehog (and half the size of the hedgehog who uses these sacks).
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Step 1: Cut fabric.

Picture of Cut fabric.
Main variant:
Cut two equal-sized rectangles. The final sack will have the same width as the rectangles (minus seam allowances), and half the length of the rectangles (minus seam allowances).

Flap variant:
Cut two equal-sized rectangles.

Suggested fabrics: 
Flannel, cotton, fleece, corduroy, or other tight-woven strong fabrics are all good to avoid catching tiny toes or shredding during attempted burrowing. Special-purpose sacks may be constructed using a layer of waterproof fabric to protect against accidents with baby creatures, or microfleece liners for post-bath cuddles while drying off.

Other Notes:
If you care a lot about final size, you can pre-wash fabric to shrink it. Otherwise, expect it to shrink during the first laundry cycle. Pre-washing is strongly recommended if you are using different fabric types, as otherwise they may shrink unevenly.

Depending on the size and width of fabrics I have available, I usually aim for 6-8" wide x 12-16" long for my 9"-long hedgehog who likes to nap curled up in a ball.
This is adorable! Do you have a picture of your hedgehog using the sack?

Cute? She's mine


Adorable :)


Next project thanks
kgirl552311 months ago
Cool :)
jessyratfink11 months ago
Oh what a great idea! I might need to make one of these for Lu - she loves getting under the covers. It might save me from midnight kneading. :P
parisusa11 months ago
Nicely done! Love how you include the Hedgie in most photos! We have a small bunny who loves to cuddle but Also loves to chew on our shirts, blankets, this project would be wasted on him :( But I'm sure lots of little creatures will appreciate it! Thanks!
tipperblue11 months ago
My next project for sure! My pup is gonna love it!