Snuggle sacks are sleeping bags for small animals who like to snooze while cuddling their humans. The main variant is enclosed on 3 sides, making a bag. The flap variant is enclosed on 2 sides, for easier access to burrowing critters who otherwise refuse to ever leave their sacks.

This DIY snuggle sack requires minimal sewing skills, and is easily accomplished as a first-sewing-project. It is far faster with machine sewing, but may be handsewn with patience. Construction time with a sewing machine is approximately 10-30 minutes depending on skill level. The final product is fully-lined and reversable with no exposed seams.

The hedgehog used as a scale-creature and demo in these photos is approximately the dimensions of a very small adult hedgehog (and half the size of the hedgehog who uses these sacks).

Step 1: Cut Fabric.

Main variant:
Cut two equal-sized rectangles. The final sack will have the same width as the rectangles (minus seam allowances), and half the length of the rectangles (minus seam allowances).

Flap variant:
Cut two equal-sized rectangles.

Suggested fabrics: 
Flannel, cotton, fleece, corduroy, or other tight-woven strong fabrics are all good to avoid catching tiny toes or shredding during attempted burrowing. Special-purpose sacks may be constructed using a layer of waterproof fabric to protect against accidents with baby creatures, or microfleece liners for post-bath cuddles while drying off.

Other Notes:
If you care a lot about final size, you can pre-wash fabric to shrink it. Otherwise, expect it to shrink during the first laundry cycle. Pre-washing is strongly recommended if you are using different fabric types, as otherwise they may shrink unevenly.

Depending on the size and width of fabrics I have available, I usually aim for 6-8" wide x 12-16" long for my 9"-long hedgehog who likes to nap curled up in a ball.
<p>I made one with left over peace sign fabric and soft minky inside. I have just learned how to sew and these were so easy and fun</p>
<p>Thanks for the great instructions - I don't have a sewing machine so had to hand stitch it all, but given I'm rubbish at sewing it still came out great! I use really fluffy, thick fabric for the inside which meant it's pretty sturdy and stands up without wadding. I made two and both my guinea pigs have been sleeping on them all day :)</p>
<p>Thanks for the super simple instructions! My skinny pig loves it but i think I made it about 30% too big. haha </p>
<p>OMG! I totally did it! This was my first time using a sewing machine and hand-stitching too! Thank you! I did need to find another instruction page on how to hand-sew a seam. </p>
This is adorable! Do you have a picture of your hedgehog using the sack?
<p>Cute? She's mine </p>
<p>Adorable :)</p>
Next project thanks<br>
Cool :)
Oh what a great idea! I might need to make one of these for Lu - she loves getting under the covers. It might save me from midnight kneading. :P
Nicely done! Love how you include the Hedgie in most photos! We have a small bunny who loves to cuddle but Also loves to chew on our shirts, blankets, pillows...so this project would be wasted on him :( But I'm sure lots of little creatures will appreciate it! Thanks!
My next project for sure! My pup is gonna love it!<br/>:)

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