Step 3: Creating the Upper Half of the Snugglebag

Lay out the blanket so it resembles Step 1 photo.

Cut one 16" length of velcro, and separate. These strips will be attached to the top width of the blanket..

Starting at the upper left corner, pin the HOOK side toward the center. Stitch and remove pins.

Turn blanket over over so it resembles Step 2 photo.

Again, starting at the upper left corner, pin the LOOP side toward the center. Stitch and remove pins.

(The top width of the blanket now has 16" of velcro stitched on to the opposite and reverse sides of the blanket. When placed around your neck/shoulders, a cape is created once the velcro strips are pressed together.)

Congratulations...you have finished the upper part of your Snugglebag!
I just want to say a BIG thank you for your very easy and clever idea.... .I am a VERY old lady who suffers alot in the Winter when sitting at my computer, I usually wrap myself in a blanket but find it falls open etc......... I live in Engalnd and the dampness gets at my old bones........... God Bless............Ann
Hahahahah, this sounds like one of the testimonials for a snuggie.<br />
New appartement. Old windows. Temperature falls under zero during night Morning everyday I do chat with some dear friends in Texas. I usually ice my butt. The amount you rock is too much for words mate :) Thank you
Nicely done! And more decorative and functional than those silly Snuggies where the bag is open!!
I'll definitely make one of these to keep by the computer
How beautiful the front pattern matches at the velcro! I'm going to make my mom one.
I voted for this neat wrap but it didn't look like it added my vote. I was going to get my girlfriend to make it but I think I can figure it out. Good instructables!
I collect "Biederlack" blankets at garage sales and this is perfect to make with them. Of course, any type of comfy blanket will work. Make them now so you have plenty of Christmas gifts in 10 months!
Love it. Perfect for movie watching!!
This is great for lounging around, watching T.V. and even gaming!!!
I love this idea. It's so much better than the shorter models I saw advertised for $40 this past Christmas.
I wish I had thought of this!!! Excellent, simple step-by-step instructions!!! I always see these quality blankets at yard sales. I'm going to snag them this summer and make them for all my 'poor relations'!!! You might want to add that JoAnn Fabrics sells packaged hook & loop for $1.00! Come on Christmas 2009!!!
Great Idea! No need to turn the thermostat up while lounging about, surfing around the web while on the computer, or simply watching t.v. Just the practical sort of thing to save a bit on heating bills. Thumbs up!

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