Snuggley Dog Bed





Introduction: Snuggley Dog Bed

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need: sewing machine, scissors, thread, straight pins, one standard pillow (used by a person your dog likes immensely), and one men's fleece jacket with a front zipper (size L/XL).

Step 2: Cutting

 Cut collar and arms off fleece jacket, leaving the complete zipper  (you'll just sew around this and stuff it back inside when the project is complete).  Cut open one sleeve down the seam, cutting off the seam edge.  Note: Keep the zipper zipped until Step 6.

Step 3: Getting the Proper Size

 Place pillow on the cut-up jacket to get the proper size for the pillow cover.  I used the front  and the cut open sleeve to make the top/bottom of the pillowcase.  Work from the bottom of the fleece jacket front so you will only have one end of the zipper to deal with - you don't want to cut any of the zipper.  (The zipper from the front will face the floor and be the opening for putting the pillow into the snuggley).  Cut the fleece slightly larger than the pillow, allowing for seams and for the thickness of the pillow.

Step 4: Cutting the "Flap'

 Cut the back of the fleece jacket larger than the other two pieces; this is necessary to allow the dog to fit into the space and have some room to be comfortable while resting.  This will look like an additional piece of fabric attached to the pillowcase, henceforth called a "flap" - open on one side to allow the dog to enter.

Step 5: Organizing Pieces to Sew

This step just takes a little bit of thinking through - laying it out to put together.  Lay the front of the jacket - now the bottom of the pillowcase (Snuggley) , zipper face down.  Next lay the sleeve - now the top of the pillowcase (Snuggley) on top. Flip pieces so that wrong sides are facing out.   Sew these two pieces together - down one side only- making a small seam that will be on the inside of the pillow case. 

Now the "flap" is the final layer.  Because it is larger, you will need to make tucks to make it fit the top of the Snuggley.  Pin the top "flap" to the top of the pillowcase making the tucks to make it fit. Remember to only do this on 3 sides - the 4th is open.  To make this easier, leave the open side of the "flap" on the same side as the seam you just made.

Now for the final stet in sewing.  Turn the top of the pillowcase(with the flap pinned properly to it) and the bottom of the pillow case inside out and sew the other 3 sides together.  You will have to re-pin.  Also, the zipper will need to be taken into consideration.  I just stopped sewing when I came to it and started again after it.  Since this is fairly thick, I used a size 14 needle.  No need to worry about hemming as fleece does not fray.

Step 6: Placing the Pillow

 Turn your Snuggley right side out.  You will have to unzip the zipper to do this.  Put your pillow into the pillowcase of the Snuggley.  Zip it up and stuff the zipper into the "hole" was left because you didn't sew across the zipper.

Step 7: Introduce Your Dog and the Snuggley

 Show your dog his/her new bed.  You will be delighted at how much they love it and the easy care of washing and drying it for them.



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    13 Discussions

    I made it!!!!

    I made this and my little sweetie loves it. at first she was afraid of it so I put a stuffed animal in it . she took it out and got into it..

    Sure, You just have to be patient and familiar with hand sewing. Maybe ask your local tailor for help.

    i have a 10 month old blue heeler terrier mix and she loves to lay on my pillows when i am not around or even when i am laying in bed. i need to make her something that way she wont lay on my pillows any suggestions

    I want to make this but I do not have a sowing machine

    I have an old kitty who loves to burrow and an oooold sweatshirt she loves (it's gray like her, I think she finds it comforting) that I don't wear anymore... hmmm
    Thanks for sharing!

    Man, oh man, bettycrocker, I can just see it now . . . I go to all the trouble of finding TWO fleece jackets and TWO pillows, sew up these darling gifts of loving warmth for the critters, and . . . they STILL sleep in my bed, leaving me to find someplace else to rest my weary head.  Oh, well . . . they're cats.  That explains everything.  Thanks for the really cool idea, though.  Maybe at least one of the critters will accept the gift and leave me a little more space on the bed.

    My cat likes to get under the covers to nap and play--I bet he would love one of these! Since he's a long hair cat, I would have to use a fabric that is not prone to static electricity.

    My little rat terrier would love this (when he's not sleeping under my covers with me).  I'll head off to the thrift store this weekend to look for  jacket to use!

    So cute. I knew of a dachshund that would curl up beneath the blanket on her doggy bed when she slept so no part of her would be visible. She would have loved this snuggley bed, I think.

    1 reply

    Cute, our Beagle would have liked that :)  (though she wouldn't end up sleeping in it...........just end up dragging it around the house)