Step 7: Introduce Your Dog and the Snuggley

 Show your dog his/her new bed.  You will be delighted at how much they love it and the easy care of washing and drying it for them.

<p>Can you make one without a sewing machine</p>
<p>i have a 10 month old blue heeler terrier mix and she loves to lay on my pillows when i am not around or even when i am laying in bed. i need to make her something that way she wont lay on my pillows any suggestions</p>
<p>I want to make this but I do not have a sowing machine</p>
I have an old kitty who loves to burrow and an oooold sweatshirt she loves (it's gray like her, I think she finds it comforting) that I don't wear anymore... hmmm <br>Thanks for sharing!
Man, oh man, bettycrocker, I&nbsp;can just see it now . . . I&nbsp;go to all the trouble of finding TWO fleece jackets and TWO&nbsp;pillows, sew up these darling gifts of loving warmth for the critters, and . . . they STILL&nbsp;sleep in my bed, leaving me to find someplace else to rest my weary head.&nbsp; Oh, well . . . they're cats.&nbsp; That explains everything.&nbsp; Thanks for the really cool idea, though.&nbsp; Maybe at least one of the critters will accept the gift and leave me a little more space on the bed.<br />
My cat likes to get under the covers to nap and play--I bet he would love one of these! Since he's a long hair cat, I would have to use a fabric that is not prone to static electricity.<br />
My little rat terrier would love this (when he's not sleeping under <em>my</em> covers with me).&nbsp; I'll head off to the thrift store this weekend to look for&nbsp;&nbsp;jacket to use!
So cute. I knew of a dachshund that would curl up beneath the blanket on her doggy bed when she slept so no part of her would be visible. She would have loved this snuggley bed, I think.<br />
&nbsp;That's exactly what our's does. &nbsp;
Cute, our Beagle would have liked that :)&nbsp; (though she wouldn't end up sleeping in it...........just end up dragging it around the house)

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