As the game of hockey has evolved since its beginning in the late 1800’s so has the equipment.  The equipment I have worn over the past 18 years has evolved dramatically  becoming lighter, stronger and safer.  While the safety of the hockey player has always been important, with increased concussions and injuries, equipment manufacturers have continued to produce better and safer products for players at all levels.  What hasn’t changed is how we players get dressed when we go the rink.  Most players follow a routine out of habit, but some players have certain superstitious rituals they may use because, well, just because.  In the end, when we are ready to skate on the rink we all need to have the right equipment, properly sized and dressed correctly for safety and comfort.   As a young hockey player or the parent of young hockey player, I believe this instructional summary will provide you good direction til you establish your own routine.

Table of contents

Step 1: Before you show up at the rink
Step 2: The Athletic Supporter
Step 3: Shin Pads
Step 4: Hockey Socks
Step 5: Breezers
Step 6: Skates
Step 7: Shoulder Pads
Step 8: Elbow Pads
Step 9: Jersey/Sweater
Step 10: Helmet
Step 11: Gloves
Step 12: Review

Step 1: Before You Show Up at the Rink

Above is the equipment a player will wear and what the fully dressed player will look like when fully dressed.  This equipment will need to be purchased and sized correctly and skates sharpened prior to entering the rink.  NOTE; if you are not experienced with hockey equipment, be sure to get professional help at the local sporting goods store to get a proper fitting.  Hockey is an expensive sport and often we are playing with used equipment which is perfectly fine as long as it is the correct size.  One last thing, tape, buy lots of tape.

Please follow these instructions as you get ready to walk on the ice whether it is a game or just practice.
neck and mouth guards?
Well written, and I like seeing the cage on your mask. Well done

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