Picture of So you want to build a giant robot.
You say you want to build a giant robot? What is your purpose? World domination? Your girlfriend wont get that beer for you? Whatever it is, here is how to get started on building yourself a robot.

The purpose of this robot was for a stage prop for my friends and I 4th annual ROBOT PIRATE NINJA party. We got Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer to sponsor our event and with a budget of $300 they wanted a PBR robot for the stage.

Here is a video advertising the event.

Here is a video of the robot build, costume builds and the event.

Using your imagination, you can find everything you need to build a robot. From using old boxes and spare parts, you can customize your robot with things you already have or can acquire for free. Taking apart some car headlights, getting free cardboard at an appliance store, figuring out what you already have and what you can do with it is half the fun. Have a flashlight and a camera lens? make a projector. Mocked up a robot claw but found it didnt work out? use it as a stool.
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Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
I started with cardboard, lots of cardboard, I went to an appliance store and they directed me to their warehouse area where I was able to take as much as I wanted for free.

Step 2: Gather your tools

Picture of Gather your tools
Tools that were used:
- Sharp blade. You will be making lots of cuts so a blade that snaps off to a new edge is important.
- Glue gun
- Tape. Duct tape and painters tape
- Optional silver paint
- Foamcore rabbet cutter
- Scissors
- Lights of various styles

Step 3: Get your inspiration on.

Picture of Get your inspiration on.
Gather all the robots you have around you. Get online and do a search for robots and start taking notes and drawings.

Step 4: Keep a notebook

Picture of Keep a notebook
A notebook allows you to document all your ideas. You can sketch ideas that you like from one robot and sketch ideas from others to build a robot that suits your needs. If there is a silkscreen of a robot on the notebook then you get extra points.
a1auto2 years ago
Looks like the original Nintendo robot. Anyone for Gyromite??? :)
jreidy12 years ago
So in step 2 is the bushy tail REALLY necessary?
Dhuynh (author)  jreidy12 years ago
Absolutely. Without a bushy tail the entire project falls apart
carlpogi_114 years ago
what is gorillia tape
Its basically the same as Duct tape, except it is made from the same company that sells gorilla super glue.
Isn't it advertised in the back pages of Popular Mechanics?
carlpogi_114 years ago
that's a cute looking dog
Second ;D
lop1454 years ago
makin 1 right now
Dhuynh (author)  survivletroop5 years ago
Id love to see it!
just finished
ill upload pics soon
almost done
red.baron5 years ago
When I looked this article up, I was hoping for something a bit more... scary (with reason to be) maybe something twenty stories taller with flame-thrower mouth, crushing pincer claws, all motion assisted by hydraulic booster (like in a car's braking system), high-torque servos, and fifty interconnected browning machine guns on each arm. Not expecting a how-to-build, but some blueprints would be nice. I'm thinking about stuff to build that I'll probably never use to put in my evil supergenious laboratory.
thepelton5 years ago
I am the Awesome-O 4000!
device316 years ago
emotional support... we let you use our house.
Holly E.6 years ago
You rock man. I admire your craftsmanship. I hate foam core. With a passion. It is always perfect until you hit that last little 1/4 inch and then riiiiiip.
Dhuynh (author)  Holly E.6 years ago
Foamcore is amazing! My advice is multiple passes. Also a Rabbet cutter is such a fun tool to use. I suggest you give it another chance
Holly E.6 years ago
Neglect dog, got it! Wait ...uh, shoot! I'm gonna have to buy a dog!
Dhuynh (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for the comments. This is my first Instructable and I have big plans if I win an Epilog laser cutter so any comments on how to make this better would be greatly appreciated.
"Im acually wearing the shoes that the box came in." it sounds a little backwards
bowmaster6 years ago
I assume the point of the party and beer was to lure all the pirates, get them drunk, and then kill them? If so this is the best instructable EVER!!!!!!!!!! If not you will be hunted down and exterminated in a way most painful. Death by 1,000,000 cuts anyone?
alexhalford6 years ago
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the only time you will ever hear the phrase 'luckily I rear - ended a car'.
Great 'ible.
Lol! -PKT
thebboy6 years ago
fwjs286 years ago