Easy Soap Box Derby Car Build





Introduction: Easy Soap Box Derby Car Build

These instructions demonstrate how to build an inexpensive simple Soap Box Derby Car. You should be able to build this car for about $50. Study this pictures and it will make your build easier. You may need to refer to these later if you have questions.

Step 1: Exploded View Refrence

Refer to these drawings if you have questions or need more clarification. It shows all the components that are in the assembly.

Step 2: Gather Needed Supplies and Hardware Reference Sheet

Preparation Step (Most Important)

The most important step of these instructions is safety. Please wear appropriate safety gear when needed. Safety glasses will protect your eyes when drilling and work gloves will protect your hands. When using power tools, follow all safety guidelines in the owners manual. Children should be assisted by an adult when building this kit.

These instructions are written for a builder of average skill. You can change and customize you car in anyway that you like.

Shopping Step

Gather all your needed supplies. You can just print these off and use as a shopping list. Any Home Improvement store will sell these items with the exception of the wheels, they may be harder to find, but you can substitute other wheels if you'd like.

Step 3: Step #1 Building the Front Axle Assembly

Step 4: Step #2 Attaching Front Axle Assembly to Frame

Step 5: Step #3 & #4 Building and Attaching Rear Axle Assembly

Step 6: Step #5 Attaching the Seat

Step 7: Installing Brake and Steering Rope



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Where is Step 7, brake and wheel attachment?

Where is step 7, brake and wheel attachments?

Hi there, You mention a kit. Is there a kit we can purchase? Thanks!

Hi there I love this plan, but it's missing the rest of the break and wheel set up instructions. How I do I get them or get to those pages it's saying to refer to?

Did you find step 7?

Did anyone figure out how to attach the wheels? It looks like you would need a hole drilled into the end of the rod, but hopefully not. :) Also, how does the brake work?

Hi, There are a couple of different ways. The easiest would be to use a rod collar. Hope this helps. See image in comments.

Perfect, thanks!

Simple plan. Thank you. Where are the wheel install instructions?

Hi, There are a couple of different ways. The easiest would be to use a rod collar. Hope this helps. See image in comments.