This a simple soap box cart that my son and I built for my 9year old daughter so she could enter the Trowbridge Carnival Soap Box derby

Step 1: Basic Frame

We used planed softwood, 2.1m x 74mm x 18mm for the frame and 2.1m x 50mm x 18mm for the front axle.  The king pins for the steering will be M10 x 100mm bolts

The cross brace at the front is 400mm as is the the brace that forms the "radiator" whilst the rear is at 600mm

The wooden pole is from a beach wind break and is used to estimate where the driver will be sitting.

The body frame work is made using 25mm x 25mm softwood and its size was based on my 9yr old
<p>Beautiful! Thanks so much for the plentiful and super clear photos, especially the close-ups of the steering arrangement. Makes this really doable! </p>
<p>That looks fanatastic, I love the steering wheel</p>
just wanted to drop a comment to thankyou for a great 'ible. followed it pretty closely (albeit with a few personalised tweaks) and it bagged me a trophy in a recent event. good stuff and keep them coming
Gee in about 1960, I made my down hill run in derby, in those days in Tampa Florida we had to use standard tire / wheels, that derby guys idea on brakes. And a straight front and rear axles. <br/>Your project does bring back some good images of family and friends. <br/><br/>Thanks and best of luck!<br/><br/>Big Jake<br/>
Thank you all for your kind comments. <br>Gareth
You sir are a man among men it did my heart good to see you (and daughters) project kudos to you<br/>(From a dad of two grown girls)
Looks good!!! We just went past Derby Downs here in Akron this part weekend.... Hope to see you there next year!!!
growing up I always wanted a soap box but there were no derbies near me. now the city I live in started derbies. looks like I will have to recruit a neighbor kid to drive so I can make one
I always wanted a soap box derby cart!

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