Ever needed something to be held in soap, me neither, but in case you need something held and need soap, heres a solution.

Items smaller than soap

Step 1: Mark a Spot and Cut

Mark the corners of your item and cut the perimeter in the soap

Step 2: Make a Deep Enough Hole

Make a hole big enough to make the item fit into.

Step 3: Cut Another Hole

Make sure the second cut is about an eighth of an inch away from the other so the middle column doesn't break. make a hole about the same size or if you only cutting out one thing disregard this step.

Step 4: Smooth Out the Insides

Smooth out the insides with your finger or something else.

Step 5: Add Your Item(s)

Add your items and enjoy your soap holder
hahah don't drop the soap lol
thats cool but why are you putting m-80s in a soap..? ...Like what can i use this soap for that would help me? --not bad, just cant think of anything i would honestly use that for :-\
i was just bored when i made it no real reason to make it but i'm probably going to make a follow up to have a cover on it with the fuses sticking out of it for "more hilarious soap fun."
Speed cleaning!
speed cleaning what? :-/
You put an m-80 in there and soap will go <strong>everywhere</strong><br/>
oh.. like the Mr. Bean- Paint Can w Dynamite in it. lol, that myth was proven wrong ..(obviously..) lol
oh, finger hole grips?
haha last time i was at the city pool with my friend, and we left early. there was this empty lot, we lit the m-80 and ran like hell. 3 seconds later... BLAM!!!!!!!
um.... are you putting M80's in a brick of soap?
WOW! Great!

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