Picture of Soap Shoes!(make your own)
These are my own version of Soap shoes, which can grind on rails, ledges, and anywhere else a skateboarder or Agressive inliner can. They use a pair of shoes, a sliding material (some sort of plastic is probably best),and some glue.

You can buy "real" ones for $50-$80 but that's expensive, I don't like how they look, and I think mine are as good or better than store-bought ones.

This is my first instructable, so bear with me.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
These are the materials you will need:

Shoes: I used my old New Balances, any shoe that has a relatively thick bottom layer (everything under your foot) would work

Slide material: I used a UHMPWE cutting board. It is perfect for this use, other dense, smooth plastics would work,(PVC, teflon, etc) I don't really know about metal.

Glue: I used "Welder" glue. It was really cheap, and it has held up well. Barges glue is probably perfect for this, but it is kind of expensive/hard to find. WARNING: Shoe Goo isn't good, although it sounds like it would be.

Tools: Hacksaw, bench grinder, vise, belt sander, sharpie, xacto knife. You can probably substitute for some of these.

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what glue will work?

jordan.felt.74 months ago

I want to grind railzzzzzzzzzzz

sharpear031 year ago

I like the design. Reminds me of my younger years when I made heelys in 95. You cut the bottom of the shoe perfect to the sole from the pic. I might try this if I can't get a good enough metal plate to fit into my professional soaps. The cheapest solution is a bar of soap to that region of your shoe, but my goal is weighted shoes.

does it make the shoe much heavier?

Depends on the material used. I use soaps with metal plates for weight training. Makes me feel like I will float away when I wear normal shoes.

So you say that "you can buy "real" ones for $50-80"  I've looked around on google and couldn't find any good leads.  I found a wiki page about it and Soap Shoes is out of business.  :(

There are still places to sell the shoes today. If their patent has expired it means very good news for me, but sucks as 4 years ago means my purchase yesterday could be my last professional made pair.

Ikkalebob4 years ago
I thought of making something like these, but with metal on the bottom. Do you think that would work?

They do have metal plates. They wreck up anything you grind though and get hot. I have a pair of 2# metal plates for my soap back from 2000.

sallyzhang1 year ago
we can supply any shape of UHMWPE products,if any interests,pls contact sallyzhang128@163.com, or Skype:sallyzhang128
Gr1mR33 years ago
Is there any way i can make with something alternatively. I can't get the tools you listed.
adelplanque4 years ago
how easy are these to walk around in? does the plate make it hard to walk?
l99roufs4 years ago
Can we use hockey pucks instead for the bottom?
zebsolo4 years ago
what glue did you use
Eddie1015 years ago
have you ever though about sending the plastic piece (for people who cant make it) to them
i cant post comments any other way, so MKohen what glue did you use if this will post send me a message or something
SKYNET 2.06 years ago
UHMD plastic works best (Ultra High Molecular Density)
I think he meant to put UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene).
tetsuxxx5 years ago
wow.. thank for the idea dude,,
Eddie1015 years ago
mine are really nice. i put some "mr.zoogs sex wax" (its a skatewax) on itt and i can impress all my friends
55338886 years ago
Cool how well do they work and how long did it take?
I heard that uhmwpe repels all glues. Is that glue a temporary solution? Are you using screws now?
MKohen (author)  afandjegudiel6 years ago
the glue on mine's doing great at the moment. You might be right though. I'll check. If its bad, I guess screws or something would be better.
matroska6 years ago
Wow that's pretty cool! I got a pairs of casual shoes I wear all the time, and I think I'll "sacrifice" them so I can slide where ever I'm not suposed to! By the way, would metal work better? Probably that it will slide better and make the same sound as skateboards on rails, but the hard part is ... how can we easily work metal in that shape? Until this is resolved, I'll stick with UHMPWE..
H3xx matroska6 years ago
try aluminum plate on top of plastic. hold the two together with a clamp and beat it into shape with a hammer. be sure it's clamped to a stable, solid surface so you wont break them.
Cann0n6 years ago
Actually, I'm going to build pads for my old Adidas tomorrow.
Cann0n Cann0n6 years ago
K so I cut my pucks today, like I said I would do. I used use my shoes for skating. The soles are worn out pretty good from foot breaking and board walking. Instead of actually cutting my shoes, I'm going to glue the puck to the soles, and the rest i will fill in with an old tire, kinda like retread.
H3xx Cann0n6 years ago
Cool idea actually. It'll make you taller too. I might try this with my boots. :)
Pichihime76 years ago
Cool! Ever tried making a business out of it? Like someone sends you their shoes you make them and get paid for it?
how thick should plastic be
MKohen (author)  icantthinkof16 years ago
depends, 2cm is how thick mine is, but thinner might work if it can bend without shattering...
killer776 years ago
when you bake the pvc it gets the consistency of rubber
This is the best idea i've seen so far on the site. Why spend $80 bucks on some cheap soap shoes? When I used to play Sonic Adventure 2 I always wanted the same kind as sonic. Great Job, 5 stars.
So did I! i always wondered why it said SOAP on the first level when i was 9 and was laughing because i had no idea wut soap shoes were, but loved the idea of sonic grinding down those million step stair hand rails! and i made some, but not this way, i never saw this instructable then, and i used this old binder with this pretty thick plastic and put it on some old shoes and grinded around on them, but the plate was flat because i didnt cut anything and i used skateboarding shoes, so the sole wuz flat, and i used hot glue and it worked for a week and finally wore off, and have always wanted to make a better version of em, and i think i found the instructable to do just that! thanx!
I will give you PVC guys a tip. Get PVC pipe, (not cellular core, it will be crappy). Cut through one side of the pipe, lengthwise. You can put it in the oven at 300-350 degrees and it will get really soft, like clay. It will transform the pipe into a plastic sheet. You could also use some kind of a mold to shape it with a slight curve or similar. It works real well and doesn't stink or anything. Cool instructable, never heard of them before!
hey thats a really good idea thanks alot
killer776 years ago
target sells some 1in cutting boards that worked for me
Kaiven6 years ago
Very cool, but I don't have thick plastic and don't know where to get it D: Can I just use like metal tape on the bottom of a grooved shoe? XD
pandaboy2926 years ago
i did this all the time when i wore asics. they had plastc in the middle. there called gel nimbus. they were like $130.
theshawn6 years ago
I actually saw the Soap Shoes in an exhibit at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal (of all places!). The website is interesting though, and the Soap Shoes are definitely one of the coolest pieces!
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