This is my tutorial to show you how I made the prototype to my soap-tile concept. 

To make this tutorial you will need;
a pillow
the 123d catch app
123d make
mdf pieces (mine are 4x4 in)

Step 1: Doing the Catch

I had an initial shape in mind for my soap tiles, and I chose to catch a pillow. I took 32 pictures with the 123d Catch app from different angles, checked that the catch was complete, and uploaded it from my phone to the community. I then went on the community webpage with my computer, and downloaded my file. 
This is a amazing idea you need to patient it ASAP before someone steals your idea
This is a amazing idea you need to patient it ASAP before someone steals your idea
...so wheres the soap?
Hi, although I won't be making soap tiles, your instructable is brilliantly written and has inspired me to do a couple of projects, thanks!
But then you would also be rubbing up against the soap scum, mildew, calcium deposits and bacteria that are on the shower wall. Hopefully it would be antibacterial soap?
Will the soap run out over time? Or maybe could it be replaceable?
That is an awesome idea!
this soap tile idea sounds really cool, I'd love to hear more about it!
thats so nice of you. Im in school at the moment and this was a one week project we had that was centered around Autodesks new software 123d catch and 123d make. it would be normal tiles with a soap add on, when the soap is used up it will just look like a normal tile. Im working on creating an add on tile, so that you can exchange it when you run out.
a very easy to follow prototyping concept .. but what is a soap-tile?
Its a concept Im working on in school, Its a tile with a soap add on that you can rub up against. You'll never drop the soap ever again.

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