Who wants to get their bathroom soapy? (or soap bathroomy?)

Thats why there is a wonderful device called "Soap dish"

No one knows whether it was a creation of God or invention of man, but its a small device that helps us locate that slippery bar of soap and to keep it from getting soggy.

Here is an awesomer version of the humble soap dish made using an old plastic bottle!

Step 1: Tools and Material

- An old plastic bottle (the one I have used once held talcum powder, any other bottle should work equally well too!)

- A black white board marker
- A ruler
- A sharp blade/knife or a pair of shears that can cut through the plastic
- Hot glue gun, with glue rods
- Soap (but, of course!)

Be extra careful while using sharp instruments and hot glue gun. They can injure badly if not used properly! If necessary, request someone to help you with them
<p>All your reuse and recycle ideas are great. certainly gonna use them in daily life.</p><p>Great brains at work.</p>
Cool, easy idea for the annoying wet soap and residue issues on my counter tops and very inexpensive compared to the retail ones. Now I have all kinds of ideas on how to decorate said soap holder, thanks for sharing something so clever I never would've thought of!
I like it. I'm gonna try it.
Good job - I like how this turned out!
pretty clever! Not bad looking either for a plastic bottle based object
Thank you foobear :)

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