One day I was out on the tennis court at my school and we were playing Soccer. It was good fun until my friend, David, kicked the ball so hard (without much accuracy) onto the road. It was quickly popped by one of the cars driving by. The sound it made was AMAZINGLY loud! I jumped over the fence and grabbed it and my friends and I fought over it until the teacher told us to put it away.

Little did they know I 'borrowed' the ball from Patrick.`

The same weekend I made the 'Soccer Ball Cap". It was my way of entertaining myself on boring weekends, I can never find that perfect project for the weekend but this one was perfect.

Step 1: Materials

The materials used in this Instructable are meant to be easy to find and most you will be able to substitute for something else if you don't have them.

They are:
- A Soccer Ball (preferably popped/burst)
-A Baseball Cap
-Bulldog clips/Safety Pins
-Things used to sew (no skill required)

Tools required:
-Scissors (small and big)
-Gloves (that a pin won't pierce)

before i make this, does the ball provide insulation? ie: will it be too hot to wear because of the extra layer (ball)
So let me get this straight...<br>You were on a TENNIS court playing SOCCER with a VOLLEYBALL/ NETBALL.<br>XD Nice use of something that would be thrown away.
its a new WILSON!(castaway movie) Now you can never lose WILSON!!
haha man this is great!! i'm gonna make this for the head coach of the team i volunteer with and have the players sign it for him...
thnx, thats a gd idea
Umm, dude, thats not a soccer ball.
Yeah, why does that remind me of a volleyball? Awesome either way!!
Yea, Soz. I think it's a netball but we used it for soccer and it still looks cool so who gives?
Umm, dude, I LOVE the ball hat! (Whatever it is) LOL! Thanks for the great idea
I accidently putt 4.5
This is great :] 4.0

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