Here is a game I made long time ago on paper. Now I made it on K'nex and in 3D. Your goal is to shoot the ball into the net. You are in charge of all your team members as you take turns with your opponent and place down cards that will tell what actions you are going to give to a team player. This game has a lot of rules to it so you should read the How to Play really carefully.

Step 1: Parts Required

white: 32
yellow: 24
red: 4
orange: 10
tan clip: 14
blue end: 1

green: 101
white: 50
black: 5
blue: 14

Paper- normal paper can do but cardstock is recommended.

<p>Looks like a very interesting (and inspirational) game! Why not uploading a video showing a bit of action? </p><p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
this ia salvadorean soccer game. you use a stick and hit the ball once. the stcks are the players.
lol one persons black and the other person is white.. thats not racist at allll... lol sarcasm
LOL <br> <br>
cool! 5*
These games just keep getting better!! very cool, keep it up!<br />

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