Picture of Social 3D Printing in Minecraft
As a follow up to my 3D Printed Glasses, I wanted to write an Instructable on how just about anyone can jump in and start making 3D models and 3D printed objects. Having discovered Minecraft as a 3D printing tool, I began on an adventure with my department at San Jose State University to create objects that were socially sculpted. This lead me to what I call Social 3D Printing in Minecraft.

If you need more info on where to get access to the tools I used, check out I made it at TechShop.
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Step 1: Background

Picture of Background
Let us start with the theoretical idea behind Social 3D Printing in Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox style building game. In the game, you obtain blocks that you can use to create objects. These objects can range from simple houses to elaborate collaborations to recreations of the Lord of the Rings world. What is unique about the environment, is just about anyone can easily gain the skills that are required to build their dreams. If you have played with legos, think of Minecraft as a virtual lego world. Because of its accessibility, people of all ages can take part in the environment. Children, teenagers, adults, parents, and grandparents alike can create objects together in this virtual environment.

This is achieved by setting up Minecraft as a multiplayer server. Once this is up and running, everyone can come together to build objects as a community. These social sculptures can than be rendered through CNC processes. I favor 3D printing.

*If you have questions about setting up your own Minecraft server, here is a good guide to take a look at: Setting up a Server.
*Learn to play Minecraft here: Play Minecraft
ReaganPufall made it!8 months ago

I might expand on your tutorial in another. There's a few additional programs that are beneficial to this process. Regardless, good tutorial!

vanr04231 year ago
Early today I was wishing this exist
darman121 year ago
This is AWESOME! I love playing Minecraft and have always wanted to bring them into the real world. I know there are some companies that will print models from your Minecraft world, but I don't want to fork out a bunch of money. Thank you so much!
waldosan1 year ago
this is cool, is it possible to change the resolution that each block accounts for? for instance could one minecraft block be 1 inch in one model and be a half inch in another model?
Cordavi (author)  waldosan1 year ago
Yes. On step 5, in the photo of the advance features menu for exporting the models from Mineways, you can select the the mm height of each block. So you can adjust the size for each model. Hope that helps.
Badoodler1 year ago
Great idea!
Cordavi (author)  Badoodler1 year ago
Thank you :)