Social Knitting


Introduction: Social Knitting

Social Knitting is a DIY project for people, for those of who want to create a social disturbance. It gives you extra time to think about your social status while you are going through approx 20 hours of serious knitting(if you are a newbie to whole knitting process).

It could be anything, anything that shows your friend's names and how much they mean to you(by star rating). But for myself I designed a macbook cover.

It has a MySQL table format for listing your friend names, limited to 14.

Well, this project can cause offence from your friends, so think about it before you start it.
Actually, I got a complaint from my sister for not putting her name in, so think about the definition of 'friend' before you start it.

It's a project done in HomeX class at Parsons DT, supervised by James Powderly at GRL.

Step 1: Skills and Materials

Basic knitting skill
Stranded color knitting


2 balls of worsted weight yarns(2 different colors)
black and white set doesn't really work, you may want to try something else

double pointed needles(size 8)
a hooked needle(size 8)

a piece of paper, a pencil whatever that will help you designing

Step 2: Gauge

If you have everything ready, the next step is to knit the guage.

5" X 5" gauge is recommended to get exact numbers.

I did 4"X4", and a little design for fun.
Well, this is a really bad example, since I'm not a serious knitter.

Step 3: Design

I measured a macbook and designed the social table fit into the measurements.
Now, all you need to do is fix some of layout according to your gauge and put names of your friends.

Download the pdf file if you got the gauge right, otherwise you can do it on grided paper.
It won't take too long.

use YourName <--the name of the database
Social Table <--table name
| Name |
| Name |
| Name |
| Name |
| Name |
| Name |
| Name |

Step 4: Knit, Knit, Knit!

The implement of the social knitting is very simple but the most time-consuming part.
Knit away!

After you're done knitting, stiich up the bottom, and it's done. All yours.



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    you know what, I knit myself and I have heard of four needle knitting and it looks really cool to do, but I am not that skilled yet... anyways 5 stars!!!!!

    i have to agree with everyone else, but what do you do if one of your top ranked friends becomes a total jerk? then what?

    More like anti-social knitting. It's okay to rank your friends in your head, but it's pretty petty to rank them publicly. Is this supposed to engender the admiration of your friends at the top? or motivate those ranked lower to be nicer to you or tell funnier jokes, or call more often? I'm just sayin'.

    Lol, the guy with one star is probably at home in a corner curled in a fetal position. lol

    I can't help but think that this is more of a friend-rating knitting project than a social knitting project, which to me means social groups based around knitting. Also, however much i know i like my friends, i don't know that i'd want to commit to such a judgemental rating in a longterm format. Maybe a whiteboard, but to knit it? Might as well carve it in stone! :P It's a really good looking laptop cover, i have to say, and i love the colours you chose. Very clever mix of digital content with analogue tech

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    I can't help imagining the feeling of your two-star friends when they see the list... When you knit another one, rate other things {say software, games, classic films, politicians or websites} or knit in a list of your hobbies or interests, then it could help start a conversation with a stranger while you're sat alone and friendless in the bar... ;-)

    You've got the right idea Kiteman. Kokothedog, with these public displays of friendrating, you might be spending most of your time in a friendless bar, or a friendless anywhere. ;) Cool knitting project though.