With the help of a few colleagues, I have put together a series of lessons and activities for students to develop their understanding of online communications. It takes place over the course of a few weeks, and includes different activities and assignments.

The learning objectives of this unit are:

1. Students will critically evaluate internet content to determine origin and appropriateness. (Self created or existing content)
2. Students will identify inappropriate online behaviour by completing a Web-quest on the topic of cyber bullying
3. Students will demonstrate the utility of online communication by producing a blog, structured to a specific audience. They will also respond to classmates blogs and provide constructive feedback.
4. Students will demonstrate proper online behaviour by writing appropriate internet content in various places. i.e. ClassBook wall, blogs etc.
5. Students will examine the characteristics of various formats used to communicate a message to others. i.e. blogs, messages, skype etc.

This theme unit was part of a project done in my final year of University. There are many parts, and quite a lot of teacher-speak to try and get marks. Use as much or as little of this as you would like (but I would highly recommend downloading the lesson plans).

In addition to the lesson plans and justifications, there is an online presentation of the unit, and an example video of the project assignment on cyber bullying. This instructable is more of a brief overview of the unit, with more resources linked in each step.

All of the materials are offered with a creative use and re-use licence. That is, feel free to use or modify the materials as you see fit. It would be nice to get credit for the ideas, but really, I just want students to benefit from the work I've put into this.

Thanks to Candice Madden, Carleigh Moore, and Doris Medeiros for all their hard work, and for enthusiastically allowing the sharing and re-use of their great ideas. Images are courtesy of http://openclipart.org.

Step 1: Original Presentation

Here is a presentation with links to materials that might be useful:

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