This instructable will walk you through the step by step creation of a Sock Penguin. This project was completed for a Grade 1 (6 year old kids) class that has been studying penguins.

Please note that no penguins were harmed in the creation of this project, however, some socks were severely damaged in the prototyping stage. Please do not use socks that still contain feet.

Note that hot glue guns can burn you. They're called "hot" for a reason. Do not let 6 year olds operate hot glue guns. Adult supervision is required. Also, do not let 6 year olds operate heavy machinery. It's just a bad plan.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To build the Sock Penguin, you will need some tools and materials.

- a pen
- scissors
- hot glue gun

- cardboard (for the pattern)
- a plain white sport sock
- a plastic sandwich bag
- some rocks or other ballast
- stuffing
- string
- black felt
- yellow felt
- googly eyes

Optionally, you might want paper and tape to refine your pattern.
I think the little pink string googley eye guy in Step 1's first photo would make a good plushie project.
Awesome 5/5
Hey thanks!

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