Picture of Sock Puppets: Make yourself some Friends!
Are you bored? Lonely? ... Or just a little bit nuts? Maybe your all of that and more? Well this Instructable is for YOU!

In a few easy steps, I will show you how to transform your otherwise boring socks into animated friendly individuals who want to keep you company! Take them to the movies, take them to the shops, everyone will point and admire your handy... or should that be foot work?

hehe So, okay, for those who don't need a friend, and just want to make a KICK ASS sock puppet I suppose I will let you read this too. I was asked to make some sock puppets for the show, and so I decided to jazz them up abit since I had the stuff laying around... so... ENJOY!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
So, what you need to make a friend!

* Socks : Clean ones preferably
* googlie eyes
* If you can't get eyes get some Felt, White black and  a colour (eg blue)
* Pipe cleaners
* Sewing thread and Needle
* Glue if you don't want to sew

Time: Anything from 30 seconds to 30minutes

GREAT activity for Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows, Brownies, School Kids, Students

mattcent3 years ago
Wanna make best friends! Yippie!
Biggsy (author)  mattcent3 years ago
ehehe have fun :D
pugyl9115 years ago
You could also try buttons for eyes!!!!!
Biggsy (author)  pugyl9115 years ago
yeah! Good Idea!
eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
It's better if you glue a circle of cardboard to the inside of the toe. Then the mouth is better defined.
bored lonely NUTS    th-th-th-thats  MEE folks
Me too! <grin>
Psychobwuk5 years ago
 I had way too much fun answering my teacher's questions with a sock puppet named Ringo a few weeks back. I don't think they'll ever seer me the same way again :D
Biggsy (author)  Psychobwuk5 years ago
HAHAHA My parrot is called Ringo...

I want to answer a police officer with a sock puppet after being pulled over... NOW THAT would be amusing!
hishealer5 years ago
Even more fun with cats around, but make sure the sock is thick enough to take some insane claws.  I have seen cats flip out and try to beat a sock puppet to death (like I do with big bugs).
Biggsy (author)  hishealer5 years ago
I have two young puppies... No socks are safe!.... hehe
capricorn5 years ago
Hilarious, honestly :)

Biggsy (author)  capricorn5 years ago
Beats making friends the old fashioned way....  ;-)