Picture of Sock Skeleton
Make a spooky, humanoid version of the traditional sock monkey. You'll need a pair of crew socks, needle, thread, scissors, stuffing material, and a laundry marker or fabric paint marker.

Step 1: Sock #1- the body and legs of the skeleton

Picture of Sock #1- the body and legs of the skeleton
Turn sock #1 inside out and flatten it so that the heel is facing you. Make a cut from the cuff of the sock to the point where the heel starts and round the ends where the "feet" will be.
kodikos3 years ago
cool doll!!!bravo!
MMoyce4 years ago
I made 1 it looks gr8
duokrazy4 years ago
Hahaha, this is great. I was trying to find a way to make a simple rag doll or something and this is the only thing I've come across so far that is simple enough for me to do and still look the way I envision it.
blackghost4 years ago
so awesome, cant wait to make one
just finished it looks great
caarntedd4 years ago
Great 'ible and cool user name.
rupamagic7 years ago
I love love love it! I am a rag doll and sock animal fiend, and this is the first skellington I've seen. Well done!
I agree rupamagic

I have made a sackboy, a ragdoll, a sock monster and am currently working on a sock monkey!!
andrew137 years ago
i made a zombie
catlingmex7 years ago
Very cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Now I want to make one, only with a friendly face for Day of the Dead.
icecube33197 years ago
dude, in a good way, i promice, this is kinda distubingly cool. i mean ur drawing technique is like Karen Yang. at the awards cerimony at scholl, she got 11. yea, wow, right? well anyways.....maybe u should use ur amazing skill for a cooler (even tho it can't get much cooler) kinda thing...like an alien or.....maybe an Obbama, so u can get ur airsoft gun or bb gun and shoot his head off! that would be sweeet, or Hillary CLinton, =P yucky
well have fun wuth wat eva u wanna do
from the girl next door,
nerdnurture7 years ago
Man this would be a fun science project!! Wonder if I can teach my 7th graders how to sew.... (-:
Shifrin7 years ago
Sick, man I gotta try this! but I think i'm going to color it black and make the bones white, it might be hard but it will probably be cooler
Maybe you should just start with black socks and use white paint? ;-)
Oh, and by the way, Your drawing skills are amazing! =D Excellent Skull!
Definitely a neat twist on sock monkey making ;} I was gearing up to do a sock monkey instructable too..
canida7 years ago
Much cooler than a sock monkey!