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Everyone knows the classic sock monkey. They've been around for decades, and just like these ones by craftknowitall, they are very, very cute. The pattern to make a sock monkey is very simple, but the product is something that has been done so many times before - so I decided to make a remix!

Inspired by craftknowitall's methods, I converted this monkey design into another tree-dwelling friend - a sloth! He's super cute, and would love to come and hang out with you - though he doesn't go anywhere very fast.

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All instructions and visuals are featured in the video tutorial, but I've added the text instructions here, too. :)

Step 1: Pin Your Sock

Turn your sock inside out. Pin the leg area of your sock flat, with a row of pins down the centre.

Step 2: Sew the Back Legs

Sew from the heel of the sock up, foot-width from the row of pins. Round the end just before the end of the sock. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 3: Cut the Legs Apart

Cut down the centre of these strips, separating them, and cut off the end area of the sock. Turn the sock right-side out from the small hole between the legs.

Step 4: Cut a Felt Face

Cut out a piece of felt for the face. Add two holes for safety eyes.

Step 5: Add Eye Patches

Add brown patches around the eye area.

Step 6: Add Nose and Mouth

Add a nose from felt and stitch on the mouth.

Step 7: Attach Face

Stitch face onto toe of sock.

Step 8: Add Eyes

Add the safety eyes.

Step 9: Stuff Sock

Stuff the sock with stuffing of your choice and then stitch the stuffing opening closed.

Step 10: Sew Front Legs

Repeat steps 1 - 3 on the other sock, cutting the sock off at the heel and turning and stuffing each limb separately.

Step 11: Attach Arms to Body

Sew the arms onto the sloth's body.

Step 12: Add Velcro

Add patches of velcro to each of the sloth's paws.

Step 13: Add Claws

Add claws to each of the sloth's paws.

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These are so stinkin' cute! Great job!

I made one out of some of my old brown pants, I love it :D


Oh my gosh, these are so cute!

I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this!!!!!!! Me and my buddies have a group called the Fuzzy Sloths, and this is PERFECT for us!!!! Thank you so much!!!

This is possibly the cutest thing ever

making this for my mum for christmas, she's kind of obsessed with sloths

making this for my mum for christmas, she's kind of obsessed with sloths

making this for my mum for christmas, she's kind of obsessed with sloths