Sock wreathes are a good way to turn excess unpaired socks or socks with holes into neat looking art.

Step 1: Materials

You will need at least 50 socks with holes, unpaired socks, or otherwise no longer useful socks. My wreath used 180. If you can't find these for free from your friends, family, and coworkers check out http://usedsocksworld.com/category/new.htm . You will also need a needle, thread, thimble, and something long and thin to push the socks into each other like a drumstick.

This would be great as a draft catcher at the bottom of doors! I've been looking for something that would work well and not cost an arm and a leg and it looks like I've found it.
this was a cool idea. it is fun too. i havent tried it because i dont have enough socks...yet.:) will ankle socks work for this instructable?<br />
this actually has uses if you put some copper wire (the bendy stuff lol) in the middle you could bend a coat hanger or put it under your door for a draught rated 4/5
You left a period on the url for the used sock website so it dont work but who is spending 9.99 on used socks anyways, especially if you can get like 7 pairs of brand new ones for 9 bucks
I don't know. It's a mystery I stumbled across when searching for an image of socks with holes.
There are a lot of them I come across on eBay as well... mostly female socks on a particularly attractive lady with a &quot;<em>Photos are for advertising purposes only</em>&quot; or &quot;<em>For how they look when worn</em>&quot; added to the header or footer (<em>no pun intended</em>). Thus I presume one can understand that many of the &quot;used sock&quot; sales are pretty sexually motivated ones.<br/>
mmmmmm, sock donuts, NOM NOM NOM
Damn, that's a lot of socks! Hungry washing machine huh : ) This looks like it'd make a great scarf, although it's probably pretty heavy.
That's great, and you don't have to roll it up, either - unrolled, it could be used as a draught excluder or similar.

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