To keep  warm, I am making yarn from socks and using the "sock" yarn in various warming ways.

Step 1: Assemble Your Socks:

Make a nice pile of socks next to your sewing machine.

Continue, assembly-line fashion!
I'm a lefty, so knitting ANYTHING is always backwards to me!! :))) I like this idea, but I can't imagine broomstick knitting needles!!! Gonna try sth similar that "makes a little more sense" to me as a southpaw!! Thanks for th idea inspiration!!!
<p>I wonder what it would look like with complimentary colors.... Tube socks would be great, eliminating the bulky heels that seem to stick out. Interesting take on 'sock yarn'. :)</p>
<p>Thank-you for noticing and commenting! If we(my family) had ever worn tube-sox I would have made this sooner. I hate those things. I am also developing a smaller more colorful version made from children's sox.</p>
I thought you were crazy till I saw the draft dodger! Interesting.
Check out the summer yarns contest today, and vote for your favorite!
&quot;sock&quot; yarn.... LOL&nbsp; this is great! &nbsp;I was expecting very thin, stretchy yarn with self-striping patterns....&nbsp;I was way off.<br />

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