How to make socket protection

Step 1: Size

check the size of the socket

Step 2: Plastic Circle

cut circle from slim plastic, and copy the holes.

Step 3: Holes

bore the holes.

Step 4: Folding

fold together

Step 5: Finish

Turn and put the plug. :-) How this work ?? - check video
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great, you most call this tutorial: "how to destroy a fit in 3 seconds" :p
I was one of these kids :D
Me too. ;D Thank God I live in America where they don't have such high voltages as Europe or this post won't be here. :D
Australia is 240v. It's the current that kills.
that's a great idea. You should patent it (i know that's either spelled wrong or not what i'm thinking at all) (you know the thing with the little r in a circle.
the r means registered company c meant copyright tm means trademark
rate:***** :) <br/>
Clever, yet very very efficient! I like it! i don't have kids and will not have them soon but i like the idea and the patent!
but what if the kid sticks his/her finger in and turns the holes and aligns them?BOOOOM one way ticket to ER/heaven
they sell this in the US for our plugs
Good idea! Too bad it doesn't work with american plugs. (maybe I'll try it when I go to Iran)
I'm sure it <em>could</em> be done.<br/>
well done.

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