Step 10: Cut the PCB to Size.

Cut the PCB to suit your needs. Mine is 8 registers long and has more than enough room.

I cut mine by carefully breaking it with a pair of needle-nose pliers.
Great, i like it 5+
where would you add a pot for the amplifier.
For those who think sockphones are just a bit too dorky, use the same principle and place the speakers in the ends of a folded small towel. I have seen comercial phones in this style, draped over the neck/shoulders. Wear them while exercising or bike riding.
comfy when you lay down?
This is a great idea, a lot of thought put into it. They look pretty goofy though, I think I'd reserve them for listening to music while I fall asleep. Inside, where no-one can see me.
i have the speaker from the phones but i was dumb enough to loose the pice that connect the to both the screw would there be any chance that you would know what it is
You can just strip wires, wrap them around the screws and tighten the screws down. The audio wires just need to make electrical contact with the speakers, you don't need specialized connections.
Nice work. You definitely put some time into these.
how do they sound?
It's much better than listening to music through the phone, but still not the best pair of headsets you've ever heard. It is mono after all. However, you can always swap out the electronics with a pair of stereo headphones.
nice very detailed but i never herd the word grommet though
You learn something new every day.
are those lime trees? =D<br/>
awesome. Love the sock and the use of the opamp.

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