Step 4: Creating Bottle Seal

CREATE BOTTLE SEAL, this bulge will create a seal between the pipe and the soda bottle. Mark the vertical piece 10-inches from the open end. Using a candle or heat-gun, heat the pipe evenly at this mark until it becomes soft. Grasp pipe on either side of mark and push together to create a slight bulge. Hold the pipe straight until cool and no longer soft.

This is by far the coolest project in my opinion thank you very much for such a wonderful idea.
thanks...have fun! A lot of fun on hot summer day...
That is awesome. Thanks for including rubrics and a picture of such an enthusiastic rocket scientist.
You're welcome...RS is our grandson, Ethan!
Oh yes does it ever! Some how I had it turned around so that the trigger spring was slid from the bottom up. Obviously that won't work. You said it quite plainly. It just didn't sink in. Makes sense now.<br><br>Thanks for the clarification.<br><br>Joen
Hello,<br><br>Sorry but the coffee isn't stimulating the few brain cells that are left so I don't understand the need and function of the &quot;trigger spring&quot;. Is it the middle part of a 2 liter bottle with the two holes cut in it? How exactly does it attach to the launcher and trigger and what exactly does it do?<br><br>Those answers may be clear to everyone else but I am stumped.<br>
No problem Joen...the spring rests on the hose clamp that holds the zip-ties, underneath the 2-1/2 inch piece of PVC (trigger). Its purpose is to hold the &quot;trigger&quot; in place until you pull the string...otherwise the trigger will slide down, releasing the zip-ties. If not for the spring, you'd have to physically hold the &quot;trigger&quot; up and around the zip-ties. Hope that helps... <br> <br>DD

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