Soda Bottle Rocket.




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Introduction: Soda Bottle Rocket.

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A simple soda bottle rocket launcher using coathanger wire, an inner tube, and a soda bottle.



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    instead of the inner tube just use a rubber cork and a tire valve, its less expensive and doesnt leak at all. you drill through the center of the cork and shove the tire valve in, it works great. you can get the tire valve at a pep boys or auto store for less than $3. and you can get a rubber cork at any hardware store for a dollar or even less.

    Did anyone actually build one of these launchers? It seems like a great idea, but when I made the "plug" by wrapping a strip of inner tube around the tire valve, I found that it leaks at the little gap formed at the end of the strip of rubber. Anyone solved this problem?

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    The way I did it is by using a bigger mouthed bottle, wound the rubber a little smaller than the mouth. After that I cut two three 1inch rings of inner tube and put it on it.

    P.S.If you need help just ask.

    try to glue the inner tube with glue that dries in seconds I haven't tried that but it's a good idea.

    Thanks for the reply. I think you'll still have a problem with the little "step" that forms from the end of the rubber coil, even if it's glued.

    well then try it with a wine cork or electrical tape

    Yeah, sure. I'm just trying to see if anyone actually made it work "as written."

    I've pumped them to bursting and they typically go at 160. Some make it higher than that. The lowest I've ever seen one blow is about 130.

    Only if you are using a bottle tht isn't designed to hold a carbonated drink.

    no. we just had to do this for a school project and we launched them at 90 psi. it will withstand that.

    I made one of these and got it up to 120 psi

    The 'trigger' makes no sense... The bike pump stopper needs to come out from the pressure inside the bottle for there to be a launch. The 'trigger' seems to be pretty much useless.

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    The stopper will come out at a pretty low pressure, probably no more than 20 PSI. With the trigger holding it in place, you can run the pressure up a lot higher. I use different triggers but I run the pressure as high as 140 PSI. 2L PETE bottles will burst at about 160, so pushing 140 is probably not a great idea, though they don't hurt anything then they burst, except to make a lot of noise.


    I found a video of a guy with like 100 of these straped to his back. When they fied all at the same time it launched the guy really bad i cant find it any more.

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    saw it on mythbusters

    you know they proved that fake?!

    Not exactly, they proved that some chinease guy didnt blast himself 20 ft. in the air using soda bottle rockets


    I know they said they proved it a fake but I just think they didnt do it right....they couldnt fire them all at once but I think I they had a better way to fire they it would have worked